Promises predictions for the top five Midwest prospects

Summer inspections are taking shape and recruiters are coming out of the board every day. Here is a recruitment breakdown that looks to the top five irresistible prospects from the Midwest, where the National Recruitment Analyst predicts Clint Cosgrove Seeing them committed.


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Caden Green

Caden Green

Nebraska, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma and Miami made it to the top five in March. When that list was released, Green was seen pulling towards each of his top schools for a variety of reasons, but it also seemed that Oklahoma and Missouri stood out from the rest. Green originally came from Oklahoma, grew up as a Suners fan, and respects the NFL’s tradition of creating offensive linemen. Green also has a lot of respect for the Missouri coach Elijah Dringwitz And the way he and his staff have made the state of Missouri a priority in recruitment.

Things have changed a bit since that top list was announced because Miami is no longer in the picture. Green’s list of official visits now includes Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan, Missouri and LSU, which puts Miami in its top five. He has announced that he will make his commitment on July 8, so time is ticking towards a decision.

Green had just had a fantastic tour of Nebraska, which could change the position of the Huskies during his appointment. Michigan is taking a serious push and this appointment could take several turns with LSU now entering the picture as a legitimate competitor. All things considered, Oklahoma really has to pick its prospects here because Green has been a goldsmith since he was little.

Prediction: Oklahoma


Missouri, Arkansas, Notre Dame and Michigan seem to be the team to beat and Jagusah is currently scheduled for four official tours. While there is still a possibility that a team could run late and get the last available official visit of Jagusah, the more his appointment does not happen, the more it seems he has really dropped out of four schools.

Rumors circulated that Jagusah wanted to pull the trigger on Notre Dame, and it seemed almost like a pre-determined conclusion that Jagusah would play for the Irish at some point. But as his recruitment dragged on, it began to look like a four-team race for 150 offensive tackles from rival Illinois.

Missouri will get the first shot at Jagusah, as he will be there on an official tour over the weekend of June 10th. This seems to be the Tigers’ best chance of getting a promise, but if he leaves campus, it will probably be an ascent. Fight for Missouri for running. Arkansas is another team that seems to have made a recent push, and Jagusah seems to have built a strong connection with Razorback staff. Jagusah keeps things close to the West, but in the end I see it coming down to Michigan and Notre Dame, both of which seem to be stuck in his recruitment from the start.

Prediction: Notre Dame


Gray dropped out of four schools at USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State and LSU. He has decided not to go on his fifth official visit and seems to be with the four tours he will make.

The USC has a clear appeal and will be seriously considered. But without any obvious connection to the school and being so far from home in Southern California I don’t see the Trojans picking her up in the end. The state of Ohio was a dream school to grow up in, and the proximity to Notre Dame and home proximity to Gray is also interesting.

In the end I think this decision comes down to where Gray and his family feel most comfortable. Along with a committed current teammate at LSU, a former high school teammate enlisted to play football for the Tigers and former head coach and mentor at Gray. Robert Steeples As DBs coaches on staff it looks like Baton Rouge will be that place.

Prediction: LSU


Adebayor has seen his assignment blown up in previous months and has Edge Rasher’s favorite schools from Missouri. So far, though, Adebawore has only scheduled official visits to the Northwest (which he has already taken), Georgia and Oklahoma.

There aren’t many instances where you’ve seen Northwestern national powers like Oklahoma and Georgia lose on the way to recruitment, and the chances of playing for such national power could ultimately be too much for Adebayor. This situation, however, is unique, and it is one of the cases where we see the North-West defeat the traditional force for a great player.

The wildcard here is Adebayor’s connection to the northwest. He has an older brother who is currently on the team, and academics are an important factor in his decision. Add to this the fact that he was on his official visit to Evanston on a recent weekend which resulted in an unprecedented amount of promise telling me that this is a special experience that will probably stay in his head for a while. This is a long way to go, and the pull from Georgia and Oklahoma during his official visit will be hard for him to pass, but I’m going to go into a limbo here with my predictions.

Prediction: Northwest


Like his Kansas City (Md.) North teammate Adepozu Adebaor, Hill’s appointment has gone through the roof with almost every national force involved. The funny thing here is that Hill has only publicly announced an official visit, and that is June 24 in Alabama. Although Alabama is the only official visit in the paper at the moment, Hill has mentioned the possibility of scheduling three additional officials. Visit when he is ready.

With so many offers and only one official visit that we now know in the books, it tells me that Alabama could be a school to beat in a four-star defensive tackle. The word on the street is that Alabama is just as interested in the mountains as he is in the tides.

Other schools must be considered, and his recent proposal from Texas A&M seems to carry some weight. At the same time, I believe that a flawless official visit to Alabama could leave Tuscaloosa and lead to the mountains as a tidal promise. Texas A&M, LSU, Nebraska, Iowa State and Iowa are among the teams that will push hard for Hill, but I still see Alabama win in the end.

Prediction: Alabama

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