Promise predictions for the top 10 unexpected linebackers

Summer inspections are taking shape and recruiters are coming off the board all the time. Here’s the breakdown of hiring the top 10 irresistible linebackers in 2023 as we continue a two-week series looking at each position.


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Texas A&M, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Miami and USC are still in the top six for the only five-star linebacker in the 2023 recruitment class, with significant visits coming in June. One wonders, though, if Denton (Texas) Ryan Standout could be taken away from his favorite The Sunrise and the Aegis.

There is no doubt that Oklahoma is fighting hard for a five-star linebacker with Texas and others, but it looks like A&M Hall is looking to fill the losing team and the rest of it after being loaded with defensive linemen in 2022. This recruitment cycle of defense.

Prediction: Texas A&M

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Official tours are planned for Auburn, Notre Dame and Michigan in June, and the Tigers should be particularly closely monitored as his brother, Austin, is scheduled for 2022. As Ausberry knows new LSU staff better that the program could become a bigger competitor to its recruits, the longer the issues, the more the Tigers can shoot to land at the Baton Rouge (La.) University Lab standout. There should be more trips, and it doesn’t seem like a promise is right in the corner.

Prediction: Auburn

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There are those who believe that Ohio State is a stone-cold, guaranteed lock for Curtis, but that’s not the case. The upcoming tour at USC is huge in terms of four-star recruits and he has hit it off perfectly with the coach Lincoln RileyDefensive coordinator Alex Grinch And others like the Trojans want him to be the cornerstone of the defensive team in their 2023 class.

Wisconsin is fighting, but the linebacker’s success there can still be very difficult to beat the bookies, how they want to use him and his growing relationship with the defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Jim Knowles. This one being the more interesting headline during the decision.

Prediction: Ohio State

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At the moment there is almost zero confidence in the predictions about Esera – mainly because he has not focused on hiring at all this offseason. BYU is a real competitor because it likes the coaching staff there, but also has numerous Pac-12 teams including Utah, Stanford, Oregon, Cal, Arizona and others.

It is too early to make a credible argument about Esera’s next stop, but sometimes local schools have an advantage when it happens.

Prediction: BYU

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It is impossible to know where Akana is leaning or what she is thinking until the incredibly busy summer schedule is over. This could be one of the books, as Lehi (Utah) Skyris, originally from Hawaii, will be in Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, Baylor and Texas for the first eight days of June.

This was followed by an overtime 7on7 tournament in Las Vegas, an official visit to LSU, a tour of Oregon in late June, and then an official tour of Oklahoma in July. That being said, another team to visit Nebraska (his sister plays volleyball there). USC, BYU, Boise State and others may be in the mix, so there’s still a lot to come.

Prediction: Oregon

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Aguirre is another difficult predictor because his summer could change a lot. Alabama is there, but its workouts at many of these schools can determine where it ends because Florida, Miami, Arkansas, Ohio State, and others are under serious consideration.

Much more will be known about where the Fayetteville (Ga.) Whitewater standout will land after the summer, but he originally came from South Florida and grew up liking Hurricane. It could be a trendy pick in a few weeks.

Prediction: Miami

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Ohio State is in the top eight for Clemson, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Rutgers, Auburn and Oklahoma Bowls, but the feeling here is that the Bookies and Bulldogs are fighting it out primarily for its services. A trip to Oklahoma is planned this weekend followed by a Tampa (Fla.) Jesuit standout who is the son of a Tampa Bay Buchanan coach. Todd Bowles Will be touring Georgia again next week.

The Bulldogs are certainly making it interesting, especially if he wants to stay in the Southeast, but Ohio State has been there for so long in its recruitment, the edge still goes there. But it’s close.

Prediction: Ohio State

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A Georgia legacy, the Bulldogs have not yet offered, but Suwani (Ga.) North Gwinnett standout could operate in Athens this summer and then SEC power may be more interested. Tennessee is involved here, but Wake Forest can be an interesting team to watch because its teammates, three-star DE Tyler Walton, are committed to Damon Dickens.

If the SEC doesn’t call schools, Wake Forest could be in line to steal here. However, there is one more thing to see: Godfrey is planning a trip to Georgia Tech this summer, and he is very interested in that program.

Prediction: Georgia Tech

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UCF, Auburn, Penn State, Missouri and Clemson Alpharetta (Ga.) Denmark are in the top five for the standout and have received high praise for all the programs on their list. That’s what makes a pick so difficult now, but it seems Auburn and Clemson are on edge right now in their appointments.

Creton loved his tour of Penn State – perhaps a little more than he expected – and then Missouri and the UCF fought for him. But Auburn and Clemson could be ahead in terms of distance.

Prediction: Clemson

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Robinson is going to visit Miami. He had just gone on a tour of Virginia Tech, where he was a former Penn State assistant Brent Pry Now coach. Pete is legally about five miles from his high school, but the Nitani Lions seem to have come out of the front of his assignment and will be hard to beat.

Assistant Instructor Terry Smith All have Pittsburgh connections, and then James Franklin And new defensive coordinators Manny Diaz I have given him the highest priority. He’s in Penn State to lose right now.

Prediction: Penn State

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