Promise predictions for the top 10 unexpected athletes

Summer inspections are taking shape and recruiters are coming off the board all the time. Here’s the breakdown of the top 10 irresistible athletes recruits in 2023 as we end a two-week series looking at each position.


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There is still no certainty about the appointment of M’Pemba, who projects to the next level as Edge Rasha. He is planning to hire Notre Dame and Oregon officials, and the Irish have long been established as real competitors, with ducks new to the list, but the addition of a coach. Dan Lanning And assistant Tosh Lupoi Good results for the Pac-12 program.

Georgia is absolutely a major competitor and a recent tour of Athens has been good, and Miami is also interesting. M’Pemba, originally from St. Louis, wouldn’t be surprised if the Irish pick, but lots of SEC teams are calling.

Prediction: Georgia

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A long list remains for Harbor as he works in the early stages of his recruitment. Some prospects in USC, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Penn State, Maryland, Texas A&M and Texas, but things are still unclear.

Harbor is also a track superstar, so it could play an important factor in his final landing. It is not surprising to see him somewhere in the north, but many other parties are also calling. LSU and South Carolina will be two more teams that could become even tougher for him.

Prediction: Michigan

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Brooks has the ability to run, safety or play anywhere else on the field because of his athletic and playmaking abilities, and it is certain that Texas A&M has emerged as a losing team in its recruitment.

Texas has always been a team on Brooks’ radar and has flirted with some Midwest schools, including Michigan, but it would be amazing if he wasn’t two hours away at the college station.

Prediction: Texas A&M

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Cal, Houston, TCU, Texas and Oklahoma are in the top five for Harrison-pilots who focus on playing the receiver in college but can also create a talented safety. The Harrison-pilot’s father played in Houston, so the Cougars are certainly a major contender, but TCU is now on the verge of hiring him.

The other top programs are certainly making a run but the horned frogs are ahead of the other four.

Prediction: TCU

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Unless he is playing incredibly fancy and Georgia is still ahead, it would seem certain that Denvers (Mass.) St. John’s Prep is looking elsewhere in the standout SEC and LSU has become a potential new favorite in his recruitment.

Accused of being a security guard at the college, Aguero likes the DBU tradition of Baton Rouge, and after repeated visits to the LSU, it seems the Tigers have taken the lead in his appointment. Ohio State is certainly another serious competitor, and Aguero is keeping an eye on Florida and Miami as well as visits coming.

Prediction: LSU

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Florida and Miami are the in-state schools that take Carter seriously, and if Clemson really makes a concerted effort, the Tigers will be able to land him. But North Carolina seems to be in the best position right now.

Tar Hills has given him a priority and has been on the edge for some time, with even state schools making him a big target, along with USC, Oklahoma, Auburn and others.

Prediction: North Carolina

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LSU was Smith’s dream school to grow up and he loves the DBU tradition there, but for one of the top players in the state of Mississippi there seem to be many more schools in the SEC at the moment. As his assignment continues, it seems that Smith is warming up to the idea of ​​playing in Ole Miss or Mississippi State after he leaned to look elsewhere for his college ball a few months ago.

Georgia and Texas A&M are the other two schools he is attracted to, and both are compulsory options. In the end, Mississippi schools can be strong here.

Prediction: Texas A&M


If Lincoln Riley The Suners would be the absolute pick when they were still in Oklahoma. But Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. The Washington Prospect has hinted that he may want to play offense in college, and Oklahoma will want him on the other side of the ball. This, of course, opens the door for another Arkansas top competitor because the Razorbacks have given him top priority and there are, of course, mutual interests.

Others may be involved – especially if the four-star dies in the crime – so things are largely uncertain about his appointment at the moment.

Prediction: Arkansas

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Carol is a tall, colorful athlete who should play the role of a linebacker or some kind of nickel in college, and it seems that in-state programs are going to be the biggest target for the AIDS (Tenn.) Briarcrest Christian standout. Vanderbilt with Memphis, Kentucky and TCU as well as Memphis must be a must see program.

The more trainers see Carroll in person, the more they may be involved in the program, but local schools seem to have the best shot for him at the moment.

Prediction: Vanderbilt

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A recent offer from Alabama makes things interesting. The state of Oklahoma is a contender, and Stanford and Michigan have attracted its attention. But Oklahoma must be considered the pioneer for the Mustang, Oklahoma., Standout, as he is only 30 minutes away. The Sunners have given him the highest priority and Oklahoma does not miss the many local possibilities it wants.

Others may steal him, but one may bet Oklahoma is here.

Prediction: Oklahoma

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