Promise predictions for the top 10 inflexible 2023 WR

Summer inspections are taking shape and recruiters are coming off the board all the time. Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 unexpected wide receiver recruits in 2023 as we continue a two-week series looking at each location.


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The USC and the state of Ohio have emerged as the leaders at the moment of his appointment. Her relationship with the new USC coach and her level of comfort Lincoln Riley And position coaches Dennis Simmons In Oklahoma it can be hard to beat since he was committed to them.

Distance from South Florida is a factor, but doesn’t seem like a deal-breaker. Ohio State Looming, though, and with location coaches Brian Hartline Involved and all the success Buckeyes had on the receiver spot for years, that Inis lost.

Miami is fighting, Texas A&M is pushing hard and Alabama and others are there. But the Trojans and the rest have to choose their position right now.

Prediction: USC


LSU, Alabama, Michigan, Oregon, Texas A&M and Florida State ranked in the top six for the Baton Rouge (La.) Catholic Five-Star Receiver in April, and a bunch of inspections are expected this summer as the subject matter of his appointment clears. LSU would be a wise choice here since he is a hometown kid, the coaching staff made him a priority and position coach Cortez Hankton Has done a great job hiring him.

But the Alabama and Texas A&M full-court press (with Crimson Tide having success with the high-end receiver on the last recruiting bike in Louisiana) and his former high school coach are now staffed in Florida State. That could play a big role.

Prediction: LSU


For a while there was a feeling that Tate would return to the Midwest to play his college football, with Ohio State and Notre Dame fighting for five star receivers. He originally came from the Chicago area, so the expectation was that the Irish had a huge pull, and then for many reasons the Buckeyes would be a major competitor.

But things have changed dramatically in recent months, with Tennessee jumping into the picture and becoming not only a competitor but a true player. With Tate touring Knoxville, the tie-in with five-star QB Nico Emaleva is crucial and Tennessee could be the losing team now.

Prediction: Tennessee


Texas A&M has emerged as a watch team in recent months as the Aggies Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Stranahan standout has aroused the curiosity of many who are leaning towards playing football at the SEC. Alabama is following him, and Georgia is at the top, but at the moment A&M is looking its best.

Miami cannot be counted as a first year coach Mario Cristobal Top players seem to be kept at home, and then others like Florida and Pitt may be surprised.

Prediction: Texas A&M


Miami (Fla.) The four-star from Gulliver Prep is not in a hurry to make a decision, but there are some schools that have begun to differentiate themselves and have become isolated in their recruitment. Miami is definitely one of those programs because of the closeness with the Brown coach Mario Cristobal And offensive coordinator Josh Gatis, Among others, and said it was like “family” when he recently went there.

The state of Florida has always topped the list, followed by LSU and then Georgia, Texas A&M, Florida and others.

Prediction: Miami


Hale had some amazing additions to the top six in USC, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Texas A&M and Ohio State – and schools were not mentioned. The four-star receiver spoke highly of LSU and Oklahoma during his appointment, but none cut it.

Longview, Texas, Texas A&M has played four-star with quarterback Haynes King, so it could be a matter of consideration, and Alabama and Georgia have also gone into a serious role here, but where Hell will end is still uncertain.

Prediction: Texas A&M


Texas A&M has emerged for the top five dynamic four-star receivers in Michigan, Texas, Florida and Jackson State, and he recently booked trips to Ann Arbor and Gainesville. Much could still happen with Cook’s appointment, but it looks like Texas is definitely at the forefront right now and if the Longhorns land the five-star QB arch manning, it’s as close as possible to the lock.

See also Jackson State here. If Dion Sanders Cook makes a real run then it can be interesting.

Prediction: Texas


Ohio State and NC State have become pioneers for the four-star receiver from Rollsville, NC, as many friends are committed or playing for Wolfpack. But it seems Buckeyes held the edge of his appointment. Once Ohio State gets seriously involved with the development of players in its position, the bookies move forward.

A new offer from Alabama makes things even more interesting, especially if he goes to Tuscaloosa. North Carolina and Clemson will also be in the mix.

Prediction: Ohio State


Notre Dame, Texas, South Carolina and Oklahoma Hall are the four finalists for the Austin (Texas) Westlake standout, and while the official visit is important, the Irish and Longhorns seem to have the edge.

Notre Dame could be a losing team at the moment as the coaching staff in the state of Texas, especially in this recruiting class, has shown the ability to dive for top level players. Texas OK but a little behind as the visit is coming.

Prediction: Notre Dame


Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, UCF and USC Orlando (Fla.) Make the top seven for four-star receivers from Boone, and at the moment the Gators have a distinct advantage in hiring them. A tour of Knoxville is coming up on Thursday, but losing to Florida is going to be difficult because Misel has hit it off with the coaching staff and he is a big priority in Gainesville.

Prediction: Florida

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