Promise-breaking: Four-star Caleb Cost has chosen North Carolina

Caleb Cost is going back to his roots.

The four-star defensive back from Georgia originally came from Charlotte, NC Coast is now returning home as a new member of the North Carolina 2023 class.

“North Carolina, they’ve set the standard. They’ve loved me since the day they first hired me,” Cost said. “Everyone, the whole coaching staff hit me on the first day. I felt love. I was really looking for it in the recruitment process, where there was love. They said I got a chance to play with a lot on the first day. It’s a big deal. “

Cost’s trip with Tar Hill was last summer when he camped at Chapel Hill. At that time the workers did not show much interest.

That changed earlier this year. North Carolina began hiring Cost more rigorously and proposed to him on 8 February.

Multiple coaches have built strong relationships with Cost. The head coach is at the top of the list Mac Brown.

“She’s all about the family,” Cost said. “Of course, he’s been in the game for so long. He knows what he’s doing. He’s not even a coach, but he puts coaches in position to train his players to the highest level. He knows what he’s doing. He has a good mindset about what to do. “

Defensive back staff is one of the best in the country. It starts with Dray BlyAn NFL veteran who knows Cost can teach him the finer points of the game.

There are also defensive back coaches Charlton WarrenWho calls one of the “masterminds” of the Tar Hill defense with Cost Jean Chizik.

“Coach Warren has been in the game for almost 17 years,” Cost said. “He’s at the highest levels, Georgia, Florida, Indiana. He’s been to a lot of places. I think he was basically at the UNC. He knows what he’s doing with defense. He likes to mix things up. He knows what he’s doing with defense.” Together with him and Coach Chizik. “

All of this coaching talent adds an incredible development opportunity that has proven to be too much for cost.

“No one like these people is going to develop me,” Cost said. “They have a lot of knowledge behind this game. They can teach me a lot, make me the best player.”

Cost took his official visit to Chapel Hill on the first weekend of June. On that trip he knew for sure that North Carolina was where he wanted to call home.

During the visit he told his mother, ‘I’m ready.’ Cost waited until the North Carolina coaches to meet with Brown and Warren on the last day of his tour.

“(Brown’s) response was great,” Cost said. “I was excited, my family was excited, they were excited. It was a great time.”

Cost also plans to play baseball for North Carolina. From Gridiron to Diamond, Cost can’t wait to get home.

“They’re getting me everything,” Cost said. “I’m going to give my all for North Carolina. North Carolina at home. They’ll get me everything. I’ll play and give my best for football and baseball. All mine for North Carolina.”

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