Overtime 7v7: Position-by-position breakdown of standouts in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – The All-American Park in Las Vegas was the venue this week as Overtime hosted its inaugural 7-on-7 tournament featuring some of the country’s biggest names and talents.

The event was especially loaded in the quarterback position as four five-stars including Malachi Nelson, Dante Moore, Nico Imaleva and Jadin Davis were in action along with four stars Jaden Rashada, Pierce Clarkson and many more.

Other position groups also have top national talent and most appeared on the big stage. There is a breakdown according to the position of some of the prominent people present here.


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Niko Imaleva

Niko Imaleva

Best Performer: Dante Moore, C1N (Overall MVP)

Detroit (Mich.) King Five-Star quarterback Dante Moore came to the championship on Sunday, the third on my ornamental running list that was behind Nico Emaleva and Malachi Nelson in my head, but Michigan-Native Sunday had a Dart machine in his C1N lead. He has thrown from multiple platforms, fitted passes through tight windows and has shown incredible touches all afternoon against stiff defense.

Runner-up: Niko Imaleva, Tim TOA

Honorable mention: Malachi Nelson, Jaden Rashada, Trevor Lagarde, Tad Hudson, Colin Hurst, Jadin Davis, Pierce Clarkson, Kamari McClelan

Keep an eye out for 2025 quarterback Colin Hurley, Bryce Underwood and Madden Imaleva ahead. Hurley has been buzzing on the national radar for a healthy time as its development continues. Underwood was great at taking SMSB to the semifinals and possessing the raw tool of your choice in the quarterback position. Niko’s younger brother Madden Imaleva, his brother’s height and arm talent and further development could make him a dangerous prospect.


Running back

Ruben Owens II

Ruben Owens II (Nick Harris)

Top Performers: Ruben Owens II, Premium LA

El Campo (Texas) all-purpose back Ruben Owens II came in as the country’s highest-ranked four-star at Overtime 7v7, and he supported it and probably proved it a bit more because he caught multiple acrobatic catches and premium was LA’s most consistent all weekend. Offensive players. He especially excelled in the red zone with back shoulder grabs, proving his potential as a three-down back at the next level and beyond.

Runner-up: Tovani Misel, Fast Houston

During a trip from Maryland to Las Vegas, Michelle played for FAST Houston and showed some true twitch and athleticism. Although he has not been able to fully integrate it into the 2024 prospect, his chances in the receiving game are high.


Extensive receiver

Bryson Rogers

Bryson Rogers (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Top performers: Bryson Rogers, 24K

Zephyrhills (Fla.) Wiregrass Ranch Wide receiver Bryson Rodgers for 24K can boost a ranking across the board after stacking big performances across multiple days. Rogers showed elite route-driving ability and was rarely caught by some of the country’s top. His skills in the open field after the catch were also impressive as he was consistently the most lethal offensive weapon during the tournament.

Runner-up: Semaj Morgan, SMSB

SMSB was a team that showed the most chemistry over the weekend, and the connection between Michigan Commit Semaj Morgan and his two quarterbacks was a prime example. Morgan made a comfortable break in the middle of the field and grabbed some strong hands in Sunday’s championship. Morgan easily proved to be the most powerful offensive weapon for SMSB.

Honorable mention: Jurion Dickey, Darylon Miller, Jacobi Lane, Brandon Inis, Janet Cook, Malik LG, Mason Muayou

Keep an eye out for 2025 Texas A&M Winston Watkins as the young man was huge in leading C1N to the championship final on Sunday. He was connected to Moore in multiple touchdowns, a connection Aggies fans want to see at the next level as well.


Tight end

Ethan Davis

Ethan Davis

Top performers: Ethan Davis, Trillion Boys

Ethan Davis, an athletic, big-body pass-catcher from Collins Hill, Suwani (Ga.), Was a dynamic offensive weapon for the trillion boys all weekend, even though they bounced in the first round of the bracket game. We have seen Davis help his quarterback to extend the route more than once and help the medium find the hole. His physique adds another layer to his game because you don’t out-bully his frame.

Runner-up: Jack Larsen, Carolina Stars

With a tight end prospect of late entry into the offer, Charlotte (NC) Catholic Tight & Jack Larsen lined up inside and out for the Carolina Stars, and both had success. His route-running was on special display as his stock should continue to grow this summer.

Honorable mention: Jelly Thurman



Malik Muhammad

Malik Muhammad (Nick Harris)

Top Performers: Jahlil Hurley, Trillion Boys

Alabama Commit Jahleel Hurley was consistently the best defensive back in the weekend appearance as his speed and length overwhelmed almost every matchup of his. While his frame may not be the most impressive we’ve seen all weekend, it does show the potential for physical growth and development at his next level.

Runner-up: Malik Muhammad, SFE

I will first say that I was not fully sold when Malik Muhammad was able to play against this level of competition over the weekend, but he confirmed that the sale had been made for four days in a row. In an SFE defense full of talent, Muhammad was the most consistent because he was rarely tested and even rarely completed.

Honorable mention: Brandon Strozier, Kormani McClain, Desmond Ricks, Antonio Robinson, Jacoby Davis, KJ Bolden



Jeven Anderson

Jeven Anderson (Nick Harris)

Top performers: Conrad Hussey, DEFCON

Penn State Commit Conrad Hussey was an interception machine for DEFCON this week that initially lined up at the border corner, but also saw action in a secondary backfield where he probably knew the best. His speed and range were demonstrated as the Nitani Lions should be excited about this defensive potential.

Runner-up: Jeven Anderson, SMSB

Traveling from Houston to play for the Detroit-based SMSB, Gallena Park (Texas) helped North North Shore four-star safety Jevan Anderson take a stingy SMSB secondary to the semifinals. His “patient aggression” in the zone will make him invaluable as a hybrid security / linebacker player at the next level.

Honorable mention: Jaylen Heyward, Michael Daugherty, Daemon Fagan



Mike Matthews

Mike Matthews (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Top Performers: Mike Mathews, Hostel Inc.

Lilburn (Ga.) Parkview four-star athlete Mike Matthews visited HUSTLE Inc. this weekend. It was not only unrealistic as an offensive weapon mainly spread on the field, but an acrobatic red-zone catch on Saturday that turned everyone’s head. He does not shy away from hidden security and instead pushes further down the field to cement his reputation as a deep play threat on the offensive side of the ball. Had it not been for Dante Moore’s performance on Sunday, we might have seen Matthews take on the overall MVP, but it was nonetheless a huge weekend for Georgia locals.

Runner-up: Jacqueline Patterson, DEFCON

Honorable mention: Lawayne McCoy, Jordan Ross

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