OL Connor Liu has made the top four remarks in front of summer officials

Finalists have emerged for the 2023 offensive lineman Connor Liu.

Georgia, Auburn, Clemson and Miami are in the top four in the products of Kenesau Mountain High School in Georgia. Each of these schools will receive an official visit this summer – June 3 in Clemson, June 10 in Miami, June 17 in Auburn and June 24 in Georgia.

Liu expects his senior season to be committed before the start of this fall. Competitors approached him to get the latest information on his appointment before a crucial summer.

On Georgia: “I want to say for Georgia, the biggest thing for them is that I’m starting to build a really good relationship with (the offensive line coach). Stacey Cereals) And coaches (Kirby) Smart At the same time, in the draft, it is difficult to ignore the number of people they have sent. Georgia’s development is something that is different to me. ”

About his relationship with Cyril: “I had the advantage because I talked to him in North Carolina while he was there. Once he moved to Georgia, we picked him up from where we left off. We can walk very well. It was really easy. Talking to him. We talk every week. “

On Clemson: “Every time I went to Clemson, the thing that stood out to me was the family. I have a cousin who actually goes to Clemson, so I know some people who go there, some friends who have graduated and gone to Clemson. So I say I can only feel family there. I feel at home there. “

In the family environment at the Clemson Program: “You see, when we had dinner before the game, the players were hanging out, just chilling and staying together. It was something special.”

Auburn: “(My relationship with the offensive line coach Will be friends) Really good. Auburn actually has a program out there, it’s their pro-flight program, which I’m interested in following as a potential major. “

Will Friend On: “When we sat down to watch the film, he taught me some of the dramas of that practice. I really was, I was able to take very easily what he was showing me.”

On Miami and the new energy there: “I think there’s a lot of hype around the program, and I think it should be, especially from an offensive line perspective. You have an offensive line coach as head coach, and then you have a really good O-line coach.”Alex) Mirabal. As an O-lineman, you really need to think about this. According to the trajectory, I think they are in a big place. “

How unique Miami is to have Mario Cristobal, a former offensive lineman as head coach: “It’s more of an experience in coaching. You have a closer look at people who know what they’re talking about when it comes to off-line positioning. People are so good. “

Probably using a fifth officer and which schools are pushing for one: “I won’t count it, but I don’t plan to use it unless I have to. I would say Florida State, Kentucky, Boston College, Virginia.”

His commitment to the timeline: “I want to be committed before my senior season so I can focus on football. But if it takes longer, it takes longer. I want to be intentional in the process and make sure I have no regrets.”

There are no clear favorites for Lew at this time. Two programs to keep an eye on Georgia and Miami. Miami has an obviously strong connection to what Cristobal has done in the past. But Georgia’s development stands with Liu, who has a good relationship with Cyril and who actually got his offer from Smart earlier this year. Each of these four schools has the opportunity to pull forward for Lew with a strong official tour this summer.

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