Malachi Nelson says USC is ‘the best place in the nation’

Las Vegas – Los Alamitos (Calif.) Five-star quarterback Malachi Nelson has been in the spotlight since eighth grade, as she helped headline one of the deepest quarterback classes in recent memory of the 2023 cycle.

Now, his work and talent are paying off as he approaches his senior season and his initial enrollment in the USC, but in the meantime, everything is going well to prepare his talent to take him to college level.

“I’m just working, trying to recover with physical therapy and all of this,” Nelson said. “I’m trying to fix my body because I think at the moment, everyone can throw, everyone has an arm. It really comes down to reading defense, staying in the movie room, staying in the weight room and getting stronger.”

The deep quarterback class starts with Nelson and Arch Manning and extends to boys like Nico Imaleva, Dante Moore, Jaden Rashada and many more, but Nelson will always see himself as the best in the country.

“It seems to me that I am number one,” he said. “No matter what the rankings say, what I do against the big teams, I think no one in the other quarterbacks has been able to play against the competition I was in last year. I played Bosco and put 40 points on them, no one else is playing such a competition. “

Ranking is far from Nelson’s biggest concern, as five stars have recently focused on helping. Lincoln Riley And USC staff build their 2023 class into one that can compete for national championships.

“Right now, it’s just being hired, I’m a part of the staff now,” Nelson said. “There are obviously a few guys here like Brandon Ines, and the defensive coaches are also giving me boys. We’re trying to fill every part of the team, we have a lot of people on our radar who we’re trying to get after. Just trying to build a whole team.”

And what is the message that Nelson gives to employers?

“They’re going to see this year, it’s the best place in the country,” he said. “It’s the largest network in the country today in terms of NIL. It’s not big anymore. It’s LA and New York. You’re in LA, you have everything you need and now we have good football, good development and it’s a. There is a long way to go. “

Her plan would be to come and continue learning with Caleb Williams, a man long known for going back to the Oklahoma days.

“That first year I was just going to learn with Caleb, someone I grew up with and got to know really well,” he said. “Learn the offense and drop the dramas for what should be my year next year. We cut everything, even about going back to Oklahoma. We have a great relationship.”

Nelson has big goals and expectations for his time at USC, as he sees himself returning to the national championship and more hardware Los Angeles with this 2023 class and new coaching staff.

“That’s all you can think of,” he said. “The national championship, Hayesman will come, it’s not a goal, but it will come. Competing every year is definitely the biggest thing.”

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