LSU Four Star 2024 Protection makes initial promises from Maurice Williams Jr.

After working for LSU on Friday, Alvin (Texas) Shadow Creek four-star safety Maurice Williams pledged Brian Kelly And the Tigers, in 2024, have become their first promise in class.

Williams had this promise in mind when he arrived at Baton Rouge on Friday, and after a conversation with the coaching staff, it was a completed deal.

“We’re here in the hope that we can talk to the head coach and see, and he has let me go,” Williams said. “Then I thought, why not?”

Despite coming from Texas, Williams has a sense of familiarity at LSU because he was able to easily connect with the culture and people around campus.

“It was a lot of fun here,” he said. “After Hurricane Katrina, a lot of people moved from here to Houston, so I’m very used to the people here, it just feels like a second home. Everything is fine, Vib is fine. I think the coaching staff wants me to be here and stay somewhere I want where I want. “

Williams watched LSU as a child and over time the interest grew more intense and more defensive backs began to burn on Sunday after playing for the Tigers.

“As a kid, I used to love LSU,” he said. “Colorway really got me, but as I got older and started playing defensively, I fell in love with the history of DBU and DB here. It’s rare to find a college that produces DB like this every year.

Coaching staff, led by safety coach Kerry CooksImmediately Williams feels at home.

“When we talked, we were instantly connected,” Williams said. “[Cooks] He is a real man, and when he does, he will fix what needs to be fixed. “

His gratitude for the coaching staff extends to the main character himself as he sees Brian Kelly turn the program around as he did before.

“He’s been coaching for some time and has a history of turning programs around and making programs great,” he said. “It’s not his first rodeo with this kind of thing, he’s done well in the past and he’ll take it in the future.”

What LSU fans can expect, Williams said he wants to bring back a certain level of strength to the defensive back room.

“I will bring that strength, that love. I will overthrow the city.”

According to competitors, at 6-foot-2, 190 pounds, Williams is the 63rd ranked recruit for the country’s 2024 class. He is the country’s No. 3 security and No. 11 recruiter from the state of Texas

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