Guernsey Awards: Rival Underclassman Challenge

Atlanta – The Rival Underclassman Challenge Was held here on Friday and this edition of the Gurney Awards had many memorable performances:

Young Song: Jaden O’Neill

It’s hard to believe that O’Neal isn’t even in high school because the prospect of 2026 is so much better physically and skillfully. With USC Five-Star Commit Malachi Nelson recently relocating to Los Alamitos, California to back up next season, O’Neill looks set to carry a live arm, great accuracy, confidence and all the tools to be special in the years to come. California is a quarterback and O’Neill is going to be one of the next greats


Buzzworthy: Winston Watkins

Not only was the 2025 receiver super super explosive across all of its routes and more dynamic than anyone else at the event, the Texas A&M Committee was also seen wearing Clemson gloves. After a recent visit, it made some antennas, but the word Ohio State’s recent offer could be even more intriguing at this point if a team could flip him from Agis. With both her dress and her acting, Watkins was talking to people.

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Bodyguard: Jonathan Daniels

Daniels was impressive at the regional camp in New Orleans and then used the great footwork to dominate the defensive linemen, winning representations inside and outside the rival Underclassman Challenge, and consistently increasing the frustrated people with great hands. The 2024 offensive guard has great skills and is a physical presence who has recently seen his recruitment begin – and for good reason.


Young Buck: Douglas Otu

The Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman offensive lineman had some travel problems traveling to Atlanta, and the defensive lineman probably wanted him to return home. The prospect of 2025 is technically very good for someone so young and so strong that he has a really high ceiling like someone who can play inside or out. With his impressive performances, it would be no surprise if he were in the 2023 class.


Tough guy: Sammy Brown

Brown did not come to sit in the Underclassman Challenge. He ran in the fastest 40 races and surprisingly won his heat before reaching the finals. Then Jefferson, Ga. Its 2024 four-star linebacker went to the bench press competition where he picked up 15 delegates, more than some offensive and defensive linemen. He then went on to win the King of the Hill Award for his linebacker in the Blitz package. Brown came to compete and he won a lot and deserves recognition for it.


Cover up: Earl Kulp

Christian Dunbar-Hawkins was so good at defensive back that he had to win the MVP position there but Kulp was not far behind. What stands out about the 2024 cornerback from Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas Aquinas is that he has never been deceived by any receiver who has the ability to shadow his receivers, the length of his thrusts and the attempts to pull double or triple moves. Kulap is already number 140 in the 2024 class but after this performance he can go even higher.


Dog Factor: Jordan Anderson

Anderson wanted every representative he could possibly take. He was talking to Quarterback to set up the route. He was yaping with cornerbacks while making some space. Long Beach (Calif.) Millican standouts have always preferred to compete, regularly at camp and on the 7-on-7 circuit, and even after commenting on the Atlanta Heat, Anderson did not stop representing – and winning -.


Slipper Alert: Kean Berry-Johnson

Houston and Yukon have so far only two offers for Berry-Johnson but after his performance in the rival Underclassmen Challenge there is no doubt that he is a Power Five player who should easily get a double digit offer. Bowlingbrook, Ill. From 2024 the receiver, arguably fell while holding one of the rolling hands of the day which surprised everyone but throughout the day he consistently made plays and showed his skills.


Matchup nightmare: Ronnie Royal

For the time being listed as running back, Royal originally worked as a slot receiver and was in the running for the position MVP award. Gulf Shores, Ala. From 2024 Four-Star, the defenders burned deeply and even made countless catches after burning a bad turf before camp. The Royals are being recruited by some schools as running backs and receivers, and the linebackers and defensive backs have no answers, so the four stars have shown all those skills.


STICK ‘EM: Bear Tenney

If Berry-Johnson got the best catch of the day, it was Tenny’s second best catch by catching the tip of the finger behind the last zone. The ball was definitely blown but Tenny kicked in a high gear and then caught the ball in an impressive fashion as the people around him noticed. Chandler (Ariz) Hamilton’s 2025 Tight End already has special physical equipment and has shown tremendous hands in all camps. A recent offer from Georgia is definitely bigger.


Physical Skills: Eddie Pierre-Lewis

He dominated the 1-on-1 rap playing center and it was impressive but even more eye-popping was his 26 times representation on the bench press as Pierre-Lewis established himself as one of the best and strongest offensive linemen in the 2024 class. Here is how impressive this performance was: If Pierre-Louis had been in the NFL combine this year, he would have been tied for the seventh-most bench press representative among the offensive linemen. It’s an incredible strength for anyone to enter their high school junior year.

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