Four-star safety Rahmi’s Stuart list cut six

Defensive back Rahmir Stuart already has a long recruitment process and is now ready to shrink his focus. Oregon, Texas A&M, Georgia, Michigan, Oklahoma and Penn State Philadelphia (Pa.) Remain in debate for the four stars of Imhotep. Stuart has shattered his upcoming plans with every school and

Georgia- “Georgia is a great connection because of Coach Fran,” Stuart said. “I’ve always been close to him, even when he was at Rutgers. We’ve been watching some films on their defensive backs and they’re really nice. Tykey (Smith, a former Imhotep player) was telling me I should come down. Play with the best out there and be the best.” . “

Michigan- “I think they did a pretty good job last year,” he said. “They are a good team with a good coaching staff so I rely on them to develop the players. They compare me and Daxton (Hill) but I think he was a little younger than me. I talk to a lot of coaches there but I’m close to coach Jay Harbaugh. “

Oklahoma- “I’m starting to get a good connection with the new coaches there,” Stuart said. “I always like the school and the area. I have 100 percent confidence in the team because someone like their coach Venebles is leading the team who has a lot of experience.”

Oregon- “I think of D’Antony Thomas Oregon,” he said. “That was my guy when I was watching my childhood and its highlights. Although I love Oregon. It’s a beautiful place. There’s a nice feeling with the jersey and the team. I’ve talked to a lot of their coaches. They tell me I will. With them and that. Perfect for the environment because there is a lot of nature and it’s beautiful and quiet. “

Penn State- “It grew up in Hometown School and Penn State,” Stewart said. “Coach Franklin is my guy. He told me to come there and get a sense of campus but I wasn’t there all day to talk to coaches and stuff. . “

Texas A&M- “I have a great relationship with them because of Annie White,” he said. “It’s one of the SEC schools I visited recently that I like. I was there last summer and the culture and environment was great. The coaches paid a lot of attention to me. The school is beautiful and big and the field is huge.”

What will happen next- “I have a June 10 tour of Oregon,” Stewart said. “I think it’s going to be an unofficial visit. I was supposed to go to Michigan this week but I can’t. I can go there on the first weekend of June. I’m going on an official visit. I’m going to Penn State but I haven’t set a date yet. If everything goes the way I want it to, I promise in September or October. “

Stuart has developed a relationship with coaches since he was a child, as his recruitment began just before he entered high school. Michigan, Penn State and Oregon are big enough for them to bring him to campus next month and the outcome of that trip should set up an extended run for Stuart’s appointment. It will be interesting to see how many Stuarts are able to visit in their top six schools before announcing the commitment. Hopefully Stuart will definitely return to College Station and Athens before taking any other big steps in his appointment. Oklahoma is following and should also be pushed for a visit.

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