Four-star safety Daniel Demiri promises Ole Miss

Daniel Demiri, a four-star security guard at the Dallas (Texas) Parish Episcopal School, promised Ole Miss Friday afternoon.

The promise comes in the run-up to a spring tour for Demire, one of which is the Ole Miss’ Spring game where the atmosphere at Oxford was different.

“Everyone’s hospitality was different,” Demery said. “The whole atmosphere at Ole Miss was good, just watching the spring game and how many fans they had. The whole community was different to me.”

Relationships with safety instructors Chris Partridge And Defensive Line Coach / Texas Area Recruiter Randall Joyner Demire helped persuade the rebels, but it was a lasting relationship with the latter that helped secure the pledge.

“They were a school that certainly welcomed me,” he said. “They made me feel like I was part of their family. I’ve known Coach Joyner for a long time. He’s been with me since I was little. His older brother was my younger league football coach. Coach Patrice, ever since I met him he He made sure I was always comfortable and he was there to give me words of wisdom. “

Her role in Ole Miss Defense will be fluid as she will help pitch in multiple positions in the secondary.

“It’s a lot like a hybrid character,” he said. “The way they defend themselves, they can rotate their protection in almost any position. They think I can fit them in any position in the secondary.”

There was also a big appeal for Demirie to play in the SEC as he sees it as a great opportunity to develop the NFL.

“I’m pretty excited,” he said. “The SEC is one of the best conferences in college football, so it’s very exciting for me. [Ole Miss] And the NFL puts a lot of tension in me. “

Lane Kiffin He also made an impression on the Oxford tour and has been instrumental in building an early relationship with Demire.

“I can say that he is a coach who is not only focused on developing as a player, but also as a young man,” said Demiri. “He has a great relationship with every player outside of football, so it was different to me.”

Demery Ole Miss’ 2023 joined the class as the third promise and the first from the state of Texas.

At 5-foot-11, 188 pounds, according to competitors, Demiri is the 191st recruiter in the country for the 2023 class. He is the No. 8 Security in the country and the No. 35 recruiter in the state of Texas

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