Five teams that should be satisfied with the release of the new rankings

The updated 2023 competitor 250 dropped on Tuesday and there have been some changes with some top prospects across the country. As a result, there have been some changes in the 2023 team rankings. Coming out of the release, here are five teams that should be satisfied with the rankings over the summer.


Malachi Nelson

Malachi Nelson

USC has seen the pace of recruitment since its arrival and settlement Lincoln Riley And its crew, and it only continues to grow with a big season for the Trojans on the horizon. It started with Malachi Nelson rising to the top from the 4th spot as he cemented himself into the five-star rankings with a star-studded Elite 11.

A closer look at the five-star rankings will take you to the fellow USC Committee Zakaria branch, which now sits as the 4th wide receiver in the country. Running back committee Quentin Joyner also saw a healthy improvement at No. 115 in the country.

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Texas A&M

Jevan Thomas

Jevan Thomas (

Multiple Texas A&M committees have seen bumps in the rankings, but Javan Thomas has jumped more than 100 spots to 39th position. His forward Aggie fans are looking forward to a potentially loaded defensive back group in the 2023 class, which they were able to put together on the defensive line in 2022.

Bravian Rogers also sits in the top 50, and Texas A&M target Javin Toviano picks his fifth star. Looking further down the list, Colton saw a big upswing after an influential spring in the Thomson Camp circuit that saw him create multiple MVPs.

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Christopher Vigina

Christopher Vigina (

Dabo Suini And his staff has cooked up this 2023 class and it starts with quarterback Comitopher Vigina, who could be just one big Elite 11 performance away from achieving his fifth star. Nathaniel Joseph (No. 81) and Avon Terrell (No. 87), both contenders for the Clemson Top 100, are both recovering well.

Just to add another level, the Tigers landed a big promise on the offensive line on Tuesday from Ian Reid who climbed to 143rd position out of 250 opponents. In terms of identifying programs that have worked hard at the beginning of the 2023 class to acquire talent in multiple position groups, it is difficult to find a program that has worked well from Clemson.

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Our lady


Keon Keeley (

Notre Dame is (comfortably) No. 1 in the new team rankings for the Fighting Irish after the release of Rivals250 as the title of Fighting Star Kevin Kelly, a group of 14 so far. Ten of those commitments fall into the 250, with the country’s top, Brennan Vernon and Drake Bowen, also in the top 50.

There are still plenty of traces left to occupy the Irish 2023 class, Marcus Freeman Good on the way to competing for No. 1 spot on signing day.

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Gabriel Harris (right)

Gabriel Harris (right) (Nick Lucero /

Georgia’s steam is hot from a national championship as the Bulldogs’ new rival 250 has six promises in the update and a bootload of other high-ranking targets. Gabriel Harris leads the way at number 58, but some tell me that by the end of the summer he will not be able to hold the badge of being the highest-ranked UGA committee with goals like Arch Manning, TJ Shanahan and Justice Haynes. Georgia is hotly debated.

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