Five-star quarterback Nico Imaleva Mr Everything

Las Vegas – Tuscany Suites had room 311 where Nico Iamaleava was making her braid on Friday, working on that new look for a big weekend at the OT7 event here, one of the highest-profile 7-on-7 tournaments in all offseason.

There is no doubt that the five-star quarterback is now smoothing a certain look at Long Beach (Calif.) Polly. braids stand out. Playing in pajama pants during 7-on-7 games. Diamond earrings and bling and charisma all come in the Imleva package.

But there is more to Imleva, her personality, and her game. He is happy that the recruitment is over and he can be the recruiter. Anyone who likes the spotlight, endless calls and texts from coaches was not his thing. He always hangs around his younger brother Madden, who also wears pajama pants at games. His father, Nicholas, coaches Tim Toa.

Lost in a reported $ 8 million NIL deal is that Iamaleava is still just 17 years old, wants to be a kid and have fun and in an impossibly long offseason where the tournament is stacked on top of the tournament and among many other things, the Iamaleava light Likes to keep.

No matter where he goes, pajamas are always an issue.

“When I first brought out the PJs it was the Battle Miami Tournament, because I didn’t have any extra clothes,” said Iamaleava, who wore a Til Street outfit at OT7 on Friday night. “The only thing I could play was PJ. I was right, man, I’ll just rock PJs.

“It’s become a small trend and I’ve seen little kids do it and I’ve been doing it and since then it’s just blown away. I’ve kept it since then and everyone looks at it differently but I’m having fun there. All the little kids have fun with it. , So it’s fun.

“They ask me where I can get PJ and I tell them, ‘Go to Amazon, bro. Go there and see. They are all there. ‘

Amazon is the store of everything and in many ways Iamaleava is the quarterback of everything.

He is 6-foot-6 and 205 pounds, more than an Olympic volleyball player (a star on the Emaleva volleyball court) compared to the SEC quarterback but his frame can easily add weight. That should come with time.

Arm talent as ball pop is extraordinary. His accuracy has improved. He plays with that confidence where he knows he’s good and can’t wait to show it. And his teammates seem to love him absolutely.

Meanwhile, his opponents kept asking, ‘How did he do that?’

Always a smile on his face, perhaps a sly smile as if he knew all the secrets, Imleva looks like he’s enjoying himself whenever he gets on the field, no matter how horrible the other events may be.

“It’s been a great journey,” said her father. Nicholas Imleva, “It’s a process of trying to figure out his name and make sure he’s seen, but now that we’re here, I’m trying to stay out of the way and allow his skills to speak for themselves.”

Iamaleava went all over the country to find the right college program. He made the commitment in Tennessee in March because the volunteers secured one of their biggest commitments in the 2002 rivalry history.

In the last 10 seasons, Tennessee has won as many as the rate. The Wolves have not won a double-digit game since 2007, the second to last year of coaching Philip FulmerIts term, which seems to be many years ago.

Here are some of the reasons why critics have taken to social media: Always The basis of a reasonable argument – to claim that Imleva is going to Knoxville only for his zero money.

Emaleva’s father was not upset. He just thinks it’s terribly misleading.

“Nobody knows us so I don’t bother about anything,” said Nicolas Imaleva. “Everyone has an opinion. Sometimes it bothers me when you talk to men. My child is 17 and my normal reaction as a parent is to protect him. But we don’t pay attention to any of those things.

“If you really do your homework, (Josh Huppel) The only head coach who actually played quarterback was part of Nico’s appointment. …. and then you break their coaching staff, you have (Alex) GoleshHave a great aggressive mind and you Joey Hazel So he’s a really big and important role in recruiting Nico, a kid from California, and also played quarterback.

“A lot of the friends who hired him have never played quarterback at a high level. They do not know the experience he is going through. I don’t know what he’s going through, what he’s going through emotionally, emotionally, so I need to surround him with men, adult men, great trainers who surround my son and help him develop not only on the field but out on the field. As must grow. These three men, along with their assistants, will surround my son whom I have met and spent a lot of time with over the last seven or eight months. “

For the five-star quarterback, his focus is loaded up with the talent around him – Colonel Tate. Tousili Akana. Rico Walker. Francis Mauigoa. Lucas Simmons. Wilkin Formby. Chandvian Bradley. Massacre III.

“There are some people I’m going after,” said Imaleva. “I still have a complete list that I’m looking at.”

There was a lot to like about Emaleva about Tennessee. What he said was the most manly.

“The people around Knoxville are just great people,” Imaleva said. “I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere south except Knoxville. I went to everything, went to Bama, went to Georgia and Knoxville was totally different.

“My interaction with the hotel people was just ‘How are you doing?’ Why are you here? ‘ You won’t find it anywhere else. The people of Knoxville are great and I love the city of Knoxville. Nashville is right there so I had a perfect choice around. “

But do Tennessee fans know how to name it yet (it’s EE-ahm-uh-lee-ahv-ah)? It took a while for Clemson trustees to feel comfortable saying the last name of DJ Viagaleli, but Imaleva is not worried about it.

“Some of them are getting it,” he said. “They’ll be sure soon.”

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