Five-star Nyckoles Harbor broke its top seven

Colleges across the country are fighting for the attention of five-star Nicholas Harbor, but Washington (DC) Archbishop Carol Star narrowed her focus to seven schools when she announced her shortlist yesterday. Georgia, LSU, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, South Carolina and USC all cut.

Each team gave Harbor some insights into where they currently stand and what their future plans might be.

“I’m just finishing my junior year and I’m going to start some inspections,” Harbor said. “The end of the year with track and field and I’m entering the football season. I have over 50 offers now and it’s becoming a bit overwhelming for my parents and me. Get time to go on an inspection.

“Everyone in the top seven is really neck and neck at the moment,” he said. “I’m planning an official tour at LSU to play Tennessee in October and I’m going to see if I can plan an official tour with South Carolina at the end of June.”

Georgia- A day or two after they won the national championship, Coach Smart was in Washington DC to come to my school, “Harbor said.” I was really surprised. He’s a down-to-earth coach that’s fun and fun-loving. Georgia offers a high level of football and the opportunity to do both track and field. They are in SEC so there will be great competition. My dad loves outside linebacker coach, coach Chidera Uzo-Diribe. They talk Nigerian to each other. “

LSU- We really like Coach Kane and the defensive coordinator, “he said.” My coach and I decided it was a school where I could see myself going, so we went ahead and stopped visiting. I find myself going to any school and making a big difference on the track team too but LSU’s track team and coaches are already good and they are always top competitors for everything in the NCAA Championship. It’s a good track and the football team is icing on the cake. “

Maryland- “Maryland has done what they can,” Harbor said. “They’ve seen everyone around me. They’ve seen my parents. I think my Mao will go there again. We’re only 15 minutes away from Maryland but we’re not all there. A lot. I like what Coach Locksley is doing and they’re out of the championship. Just a few pieces away. They have great shots if they can keep my mom by their side. If they do well this season, I think they’ve got really good shots. “

Miami- “I haven’t been there yet,” he said. “When the coaching staff changed, their pursuit changed. Once Coach Cristobal went there, he was hiring me in Oregon, I talked to him on the phone a few times and we really started to turn it off. Then I talked to Jason Taylor on the phone. And Ed Reid. , Two Hall of Famer, and it looks like things are changing in Miami. On top of that, they’re starting to get better hits and I’m starting to like what’s happening there. Going to do it. “

Michigan- “They’re probably my mom’s favorite school,” Harbor said. “He loves Michigan and Coach Herb. The coaching staff and his are really close to it but my dad hasn’t seen Michigan yet. They’ve talked on the phone but I’m sure he’ll like it too when I can feel it. I have families who went to Michigan. And they’re installing Michigan in my brain when I was eight. “

South Carolina- “They are in close contact,” he said. “It was the first tour that made me want to come back so badly. The first time we saw Coach Beamer when we went there. On this tour you don’t always see the head coach but we saw him first and he was the first person to talk to me. He was standing outside too. It’s great and something I have never felt before. Overall the tour was amazing. Apart from Maryland, they have been in debate for a long time. “

USC- “It was amazing how everything unfolded that week,” Harbor said. “We were there for a week and I didn’t expect to visit but we decided to go there because we were already there and it was amazing how good it was to put everything together. Their track program is also great. It’s a big step. You don’t have to go home or see your friends from your parents but you have to do it for them, it makes me believe I can do it. “

Harbor is working hard not to tip her hand but she is going to take her time before announcing a promise. There are two official visits to the harbor in late June, one of which is to visit South Carolina. After listening to Harbor’s thoughts, LSU, Michigan and South Carolina fans should feel pretty good about where the harbor will stand in the summer. USC made a big splash when he was on campus but they have to stay on top of him to make sure they keep up the pace. Maryland has done a great job with Harbor but has a lot more to do to strengthen their bond with her family and show results on the field. It will be very interesting to see what he thinks of Harbor Georgia and Miami after he visits both campuses. Each coaching staff set their team to take a big step in hiring Harbor if everything goes well during his visit.

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