Five potential risers in Mississippi for the next rival 250 update

The updated competitor 250 for the 2023 recruitment cycle was released earlier this month. Ole Miss Linebacker’s promise included five Missing State prospects rankings led by Santarin Perkins.

Like any ranking update, some talented prospects just missed the cut. However, there are some players who are likely to jump when the next update comes.

Below are five assignments that could potentially rise to the next 250 competitors ৷

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Tabius Hinton is a possibility that has just been missed by 250 opponents; However, the Hattiesburg (Miss.) Standout has been upgraded to four star status in the latest update. Hinton is a curiously athletic defender with impressive length and ability to move. He has played all over the field in preparation – along the defensive line, on the linebacker and even on the tight end – and scratching the surface of his sky-high ceiling.

With Mississippi State, Colorado, Michigan, and West Virginia among them on the offer sheet, the Bulldogs are in the best position for his commitment.


Caleb Bryant emerges as one of his rivals’ top three-star prospects, only to become a four-star recruit. Bryant is a versatile defender who has played in and out of Wicksburg (Miss.) And is a growing defensive line talent. Miami, Mississippi State and Missouri Magnolia State are some of the notable ones after hiring. Bryant is set to make his first official visit to Utah, coming this weekend.


Speaking of Utes, Oxford (Miss) quarterback Mac Howard is a big part of the Utah class. After enlightenment at the Columbus (Miss) Heritage Academy, the 6-3 passerby moved to Oxford. He has the opportunity to showcase his skills against 6A talent in a program that regularly churns out FBS talent. Howard is likely to rise in the fall.


Brayson Hubbard is heading to summer camp as he demonstrates his impressive athleticism and playmaking skills in front of college coaches. Hubbard plays quarterback at Ocean Springs, but he projects best at the next level as a wide receiver or defensive back. Alabama recently made an offer as a DB, while Mississippi State Air Raid extended an offer to play the receiver. Mike Leach.

It is noteworthy that Hubbard is committed to playing college baseball in the Southern Miss. He is a legitimate athlete who has a real chance of getting up in the next ranking update.


Tyrick Jones is one of the best combined prospects in the state of Mississippi for the 2023 cycle Jones features a great frame with a strong lower body, as shown in the film. The Bay Springs (Miss.) Standout is a well-rounded athlete who can play on either side of the ball at the next level.

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