Five Midwest recruiters are increasing the stock with talent on the track

There are countless examples of Borderline Division I prospects who have seen their success on the track stop their college football recruits. The same can be said with football recruits who already had Power Five offers only to see the results of their tracks, encouraging them to take their football offers to a new level.

There are a number of reasons that lead to increased levels of recruitment for these athletes, but few would deny that an individual potential shown on the track could have a positive effect on college football recruitment. We all know that college coaches want verified test results to back up their assessment, and there is no better way to prove you are an elite-level athlete than your track and field results.

Today, we look at five Midwest recruits whose track performance has affected – or will affect – their football recruits.


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There’s no denying that Malachi Coleman has seen his recruiting stock go through the roof before his impressive track performance this season, but at the same time we’ve seen Coleman’s offer list grow significantly over the past few months. The Lincoln (Neb.) East Multisport standout has been highlighted this season and college football coaches must take notice. Coleman has a choice for a college program with offers from Georgia, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Michigan, Ole Miss and many more.

A 6-foot-5 frame that can hold more than 200 pounds, Coleman has proven that the raw athleticism we’ve seen in films since his junior year could be better than we expected. He has a personal record of 10.46 seconds in the 100 meters and 21.31 seconds in the 200 meters this season.

Coleman recently told me that his goal is to drop to 10.3 out of 100 and to break the 200 for 21 seconds. Whether he does or not, he has already proven himself among the elite high school track performers this season. For a prospect who could play anything from the receiver to the defensive end at the next level, his meteor rise as a football recruiter should be a bit of a surprise over such track time. Coleman is a special athlete and in the end there is no limit to how good he can be.


When we took a trip to see Xavier Nawankpa and Kadin Proctor this past season, Altuna (Iowa) was the head football coach for Southeast Polk. Brad Zelenovich Another underclassman to keep an eye on tells us: Abu Sama III. Sama was fascinated by the practice and was one of the best players on the field in the game we took part in. Although Summer Recruitment didn’t start as I thought his performance on the track after that trip was dizzy. He recently picked up his first offer from South Illinois and North Iowa.

Sama has had nothing spectacular this track season, and his personal record of 24-foot, 10-inch long jump is also Iowa State record. The mark is the third-best jump in the state of Iowa, more than 2 feet ahead and ranks him 8th in the nation this season. It should only be a matter of time before you call the FBS schools when you combine the summer power on the football field with the insane levels of its explosives in the long jump.


When you’re 6-foot-3 and tall, you don’t have to be at the same speed as a small wide receiver to get recruiting attention. But when you have a great frame with matching speed you put yourself in a completely different category. Ardale Banks has done just that this season. Although he made his promise to Toledo in early April, it did not stop the parties from embarrassing the bank’s appointments. In fact, Banks picked up two new offers after he made his commitment and just a few weeks after setting his personal records in the 100 and 200 meters.

The Banks of Masilon (Ohio) Washington has created some bright times for a possibility with his frame and he recently ran 10.78 in 100 and 22.05 in 200 meters. Size and speed is a dangerous combo, and it’s something that banks must bring to the table. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Power Five teams show interest next month.


There’s definitely something in the water in Nebraska, because before making this list I had no idea how much elite track talent the state has. When you launch Carter Nelson’s Sophomore, you will see a very raw but talented football player who likes acquaintances and is just scratching the surface of that player. You can certainly say that Nelson is a good athlete, but if you don’t look at the results of his tracks, it can be hard to imagine how elite he really is as an athlete.

It may be a coincidence that he received his first offer from Iowa State the day after posting the 7-foot-0 height personal-record high jump, but I truly believe that it is a verifiable measure that showed an elite level of athleticism that could be a sign. Was interrogated before giving. Not only did his jump put him in the top five in the country for the event, Nelson ran 11.05 in the 100m and threw a 175-foot discus. His discus throw is also one of the top throws for underclassmen in the country. Nebraska and Kansas made offers last week and I think this is just the beginning of Nelson’s recruitment. Nelson had a power five chance before his track show, but now he looks like he could be a national prospect in 2024 class, especially if he continues to develop at this rate.


Ryan Wingo is one of the six five-star players announced in the 2024 class. Although his track time is not the only reason Wingo has been recruited so much, his 6-foot-2 and 195-pound moves make him an attractive prospect as a sophomore in high school. Wingo is one of the few athletes in his age who possesses a combination of size and speed. The scary part is that he just seems to be getting bigger and faster. Wingo’s track season has already had more than 30 offers with schools in Louisville, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Pete, Miami and Colorado.

Wingo can fly for a player with his size and youth. He has a personal record of 10.6 in 100m and 21.46m in 200m this season. I also have a feeling that he will break both of these signs because the steak will be more and the weather will be warmer.

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