Five four-star rivals in Texas have the highest chances of entering the 250

The new rival state rankings were live, and the state of Texas had some movers and shakers. There are a total of 60 four-star prospects within the Lone Star State boundary, and 43 competitors have named them in the 250. Of the remaining 17, five I expect to rise this summer with continued strong performances.


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Jayven Anderson

Jeven Anderson

Jeven Anderson (

Galena Park (Texas) North Shore Safety Jeven Anderson was huge for leading his Mustangs team to a 6A Division I State Championship in 2021 because he covered a lot of field from a safety position and physical in the open field.

However, his massive improvement in movement and direction change in this offseason has made him an entirely good prospect. Not to mention, he has legitimate positional versatility not only in the medium, but also in a hybrid linebacker for the next level with its wide frame.

At the Overtime 7v7 tournament on Thursday night in Las Vegas, Anderson always worked with high school teammate Jacoby Davis to help lock down half of the field. With the summer approaching, Anderson should be a name that has become increasingly enticing with programs across the country.


Isaiah Robinson

Isaiah Robinson

Isaiah Robinson (Nick Lucero /

Arlington (Texas) Lamar four-star offensive tackle Isaiah Robinson has racked up Camp MVPs this offseason, and despite this being a low year in state position, Robinson continues to prove his worth as a four-star prospect.

His size and physical arm make it difficult for him to control, as he sometimes looks like a child to a physical defensive lineman.

If Robinson can combine that talent with less mobility against more athletic pass-racers, he is a sure candidate to return to the rival 250.


Tyrone West

Tyrone West with Joey McGuire and James Blanchard

Tyrone West with Joey McGuire and James Blanchard ()

Ignored as humble (Texas) tall speedster Tyrone West may not be likely to have a wide receiver across the state, but don’t tell Texas Tech.

The Red Riders have made a great initial assessment here and a commitment from the West in January, but I think they will soon face another Calvin Simpson-Hunt situation here if his name starts to hit more national radar where Joey McGuire And his staff will work tirelessly to secure his signature.

The West has it all: strong arm, longer than average length, elite verified speed (10.74 100 m, 21.39 200 m) and continued progress in the route-driven section. One thing he doesn’t have is a continuous crime around him at Humble which has created a deficit in his production.

However, West is a possibility that you have to bank because of its features and not only what he can do with the ball in hand, there are many different ways you can get the ball in his hand. Watch out for the West to get a big senior season.


Jelon Braxton

Jelon Braxton

Jelon Braxton (Cole Patterson)

Fresco (Texas) Lone Star Four-Star defensive back Jillian Braxton has a huge spring on the way to hiring as she now holds 28 offers from major programs across the country.

Braxton’s junior season saw him face major threats across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and he backed up his consistently strong performance with a big spring on the track where he ran the individual-best 10.83 in the 100-meter.

His length helps him stay with the big receiver so they don’t let him dominate him and his speed allows him to quickly cover deep game threats. His versatility in the medium allows him to play at the next level boundary, inside or in safety.


Jonah Wilson

Jonah Wilson

Jonah Wilson (

A big-bodied, sure-handed receiver, Jonah Wilson of Spring (Texas) Deccan has become a huge receiving threat to his team in his high school career.

His athleticism is off the chart because he can hypnotize with the most athletic defensive backs in the state and his strong hand allows him to bring down hard catches. His footwork and route-running continued to improve as he lacked the little things that would make him a true 250-member competitor.

While Wilson can fill the stat sheets with dazzling performances, I want him to look a little more consistent in his senior season and be a threat to be reckoned with every Friday night.

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