Fisher’s explosion of soap; Recruits weigh on Fracas

At an immediate news conference Thursday at College Station, Texas A&M coaches Jimbo Fisher The Alabama coach offered a full-throat reprimand Nick SoapSoap’s comments about NIL and “buying players” made Wednesday night

Apparently, Fisher, who worked for Soap, said their relationship was over, he wasn’t taking his phone calls, and more.

Fisher called Soap’s comments “shameful” and “disgusting.” She said Saban was a “narcissist” and “maybe someone should have slapped her.” He urged members of the media to investigate Saban’s “operations and tactics”, to search wherever he was and to “find anything you can.”

It was not a press release from a disgruntled coach who felt slandered. This is not a complete condemnation of what Saban said Wednesday night during a World Games event in Alabama but a condemnation of Saban himself and how he is working in the coaching profession.

“We made him out of this jar of football,” Fisher said. “Dig her past or anyone trained with her. You can find out what she wants to know. What she does and how she does it.”

And this: “He’s the greatest of all time, huh? When you have all the benefits, it’s easy.”


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Fisher’s comments spread the conversation throughout the college football landscape. It also elicited a response from many elite prospects – as comments and complaints made by both coaches also had a hiring effect.

Alabama and Texas A&M are fighting for many of the same high-profile properties and many were wondering what was unfolding.

“I try not to get caught up in all the noise,” said one high-profile four-star. “I thought they were playing how they should play in the media. It’s all a chess match I’m watching and a power struggle. “

Another four-star recruit from both Aggies and Crimson Tide said: “I think the whole game is evolving, including recruiting. If it’s okay to pay now, pay, easy. “

From a distance, the trainers are also following, as if you can’t turn your face away from the wreckage of a car. Asked if Soap and Fisher would blow each other off, a Power Five assistant said, “Not sure, but I’d love to see.”

The two players who could have finished at the college station must have been fired because their coach had to defend his recruitment strategy amid allegations of soap.

“It’s pointless, but it’s creating competition on the field that college football needs,” said a Texas A&M committee. “I can’t wait to play it because it’s turning into hate. I love it. “

Another A&M pledge said: “It is disrespectful to another great coach (Fisher) and a well-known coach to say bad things about his program. We’ve done everything legally and what we’ve taken care of as employers is to bring a natty. I don’t know why Saban, a legendary coach, would now talk so badly about a program of his fellow coaches. Can’t wait to play Bama this fall. I might have to travel to Tuscaloosa. “

After beating Alabama at College Station last season, Texas A&M visited Crimson Tide on Oct. 8. Fisher said Thursday that he doesn’t mind the conflict, that he’s lived with it all his life and that he likes it.

“It’ll be fun, won’t it?” Dr. Fisher.

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