Fiction: Samson Okunlola is the No. 20 offensive tackle of 2023.

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny With National Recruitment Analysts Adam Friedman And Nick Harris, And Neil McCraddy At, address three issues and determine if they believe each statement to be FACT or FICTION.


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1. Roman Rashada’s commitment to Ole Miss greatly helped the rebels to follow his high-profile quarterback brother Jaden Rashad.

Gorney’s acceptance: Fiction. It is very important that Roman Rashada chose Ole Miss and that it would not harm the rebels, especially if Jaden Rashada’s promise exceeded expectations. She likes Ole Miss, she likes Alley Kiffin And his crime, he likes what the rebels did with Matt Coral. But I still think Florida leads here, despite her brother’s commitment to Ole Miss and whatever goes with it. If things last too long or he delays his decision which could help the rebels.

McCraddy’s adoption: Fiction. It can’t hurt. However, when I asked Roman Rashada about it, he said, “Finally, no answer to your question.” Of course, he would love to play with his younger brother, and I’m sure Jalen shared that feeling, but there’s more to it than that. Of course there is fit. Have offensive style, sure. But let’s be real; There is zero. Can Ole Miss swim in the same blue waters as Texas A&M, Florida, Miami and LSU? I don’t know the answer, but I doubt it would be critical. A source close to Ole Miss said that while the rebels are in a great place for Jaden Rashada, Roman’s presence on campus would be a big factor. According to another source, Jaden Rashada knows the real money comes from the NFL, not from the NIL, and he knows that Lane Kiffin was an excellent quarterback developer in his career. So, does it help? Sure. Is it going to be the deciding factor? It is highly suspicious.


2. By the end of the 2023 recruitment cycle, there will be no more than four five-star quarterbacks in the class.

Jackson Arnold

Jackson Arnold (

Gorni acceptance: FACT. The conversation doesn’t just start with a discussion of a very talented quarterback but also a guess as to who is going to be a high-productivity college quarterback and first round NFL draft pick, which is basically how competitors rank. Taking five quarterbacks in the first round of the draft over the last few years was not uncommon, and so while it is impossible to determine requirements throughout the league, there are certainly quarterbacks who have the potential for the first round. If I had to pick a quarterback who would join the five-star rank right now it would be Clemson Commit Christopher Vigina because he reminded me a lot of Sam Darnald at the same stage.

Acceptance of Harris: FACT. The 2023 class is one of the deepest in the quarterback position for some time, as elite names continue to prove their worth and the five-star potential continues to evolve. I see Arch Manning, Malachi Nelson, Dante Moore and Nico Imaleva as the safest five-stars in the class, with Eli Holstein, Jackson Arnold, Jaden Rashada and Christopher Vigina in the picture. At least one of these names would prove a higher value before the end of the cycle, and if I had to choose one, I would choose Jackson Arnold.


3. After his impressive performances in multiple events this offseason, Samson Okunlola should be the No. 1 offensive tackle in the 2023 class.

Gorni acceptance: Fiction. It’s honestly getting closer to the event but I’ll still be with Cadin Proctor even though it’s very close. Samson Okunola is an extraordinary talent and his upcoming five-star status means we think he will have an impressive college career with the possibility of being selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. But even then I would lend to Proctor. He’s huge, he can run and pass blocks, can go to second level and he basically has all the features of a great college career and then picking the first round. Okunlola is in conversation now but Proctor should still be No. 1 in position.

Friedman’s adoption: FACT. Okunola is an absolute beast and seems to have all the characteristics of a No. 1 offensive tackle. He has the size, strength, technique and patience as a pass blocker to capture the start of the game at the college level. As a run blocker, Okunola drives his man off the ball using a combination of leverage, hand placement, low body strength and leg motion. From a technical point of view, Okunola will not have a steep learning curve and working with energy and conditioning personnel should not be a major obstacle for him. Proctor should be a huge athletic tackle and also an influential player at the college level but I am more confident in Ocunlola at the moment. Oregon got Okunlola on campus for an unofficial tour late last month and he is scheduled to pay official visits to the states of Alabama, Miami and Michigan this month.

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