Fact: UGA will not be in the top five in 2023

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Ryan WrightUGASports.com Author Jade MayPublisher of the Canesport.com site Gary Farman And InsideNebraska.com Site Publisher Jack Carpenter Tackle three college football recruitment issues related to the Southeast.


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1. Georgia will not drop to the top-five in 2023.

Kirby is smart

Kirby Smart (AP Photo)

Acceptance of Wright: FACT. The recruitment cycle is still in its infancy, but it is still strange Kirby is smart And the Bulldogs are out of the top 10. Players should be lined up in the 2023 class to be the defending national champions, but that hasn’t started to happen yet. Georgia is apparently on the top school list for every elite recruitment, and history says the Bulldogs will be the top five finishers, but teams like Notre Dame, Clemson, Ohio State, Tennessee and USC could push for that position. Don’t forget to compete for a spot at the top of Alabama and Texas A&MO. This year is taking the shape of a unique recruitment cycle where NIL is largely responsible for decision making.

Can take: Fiction. Georgia may be 11th in the team rankings at the moment, but the Bulldogs have a reason to move. They are among the final two or three schools for a number of top prospects in the country, including Samuel M’Pemba, TJ Shanahan, Caleb Downs and Justice Haynes, just to name a few. No. 1 Overall Possibility Even a potential commitment from Arch Manning would not hurt the cause. It’s still early in the cycle, which gives Georgia plenty of time to get more committed from the top prospects and move into the top five.

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2. Hurricanes 2023 will land three or more four-star players from Miami in class.

Robbie Washington

Robbie Washington (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Acceptance of Wright: Fiction. To clarify, there are currently 11 players from Miami in the 2023 class as four-star. Robbie has one of the hurricanes in Washington, and Lamont Green (FSU) and Nathaniel Joseph (Clemson) are off the board. Ryan Bullard and Cedric Irwin Jr., one-time Notre Dame Commit, Wild Card. Daniel Harris could end up in Michigan, and William Fowles is coming to Iffi, Florida State, A&M and Georgia for Miami. Antonio Robinson listed 15 top schools in June, and Miami was one of them, and then Ruben Bain looks at Miami with keen interest in Auburn and Alabama.

Acceptance of Farman: FACT. The promise for Miami in this cycle is slowly coming, but that doesn’t mean the hurricane won’t be seen in December. When you look at the four-star list involved in Miami, it’s easy to find those three projects in Miami. You can start with Washington, who is already committed. I would say that Bain and Jalen Brown are very likely to be committed to Cannes. Miami is a strong fit for Joseph, who is committed to Clemson. Fowles and Stanquan Clark are the other two candidates with whom Miami is working hard and gaining ground. Do they all slam dunks? No. But we like the possibility of having three people on the final commitment list

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3. Nebraska will land 2023 more possibilities from the southeast than Michigan.

Dwight Buttle II

Dwight Buttle II

Wright’s acceptance. Fiction. It seems that every player in the Southeast is interested in Michigan. Many official visits may end in paid leave, but the Wolverines are getting their message across and employers are responding. Benjamin Hall and Raylene Wilson are tied in class, leading 2-1 early on over the Michigan Cornhaskars. I can see Michigan landing four more from this area next week.

Carpenter Acceptance: FACT. Here the north will be closed, and it may even become a tie. But I’m taking Huskers. Nebraska does not have an irresistible presence in the southeast (Florida and Georgia), but neither does Michigan. The Huskers are trying to establish a strong foothold in the area, and it has taken another big step through their huge official tour over the weekend of June 3-5. Nebraska has hosted 13 official visitors, five of whom have tracked from Georgia, and each has made at least their second trip to Lincoln in the last six months: Cain Lee, Barry Jackson, Jonathan Hooghly, Adoniza Green and Dontavius ​​Brasswell. I don’t expect the Huskies to make multiple promises from that group of five, but I wouldn’t be surprised if at least one of them chooses Nebraska.

This one promise will add an already southeasternly committed hooker to the fold of the Miami Cornerback Prospect Dwight Buttle II (compared to the two Southeast Promises for Michigan at the moment). Nebraska Oklahoma receiver committee Kevin Brown and IMG Academy’s defensive end Cameron Lenhard are on the docket for an official visit.

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