Fact: Texas A&M is now leading the way for CD Mitchell

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Adam Friedman With Mark Paswaters Of AggieYell.com, Richie Snyderit TheKnightReport.net and Jesse Gembel Wolfpack Central addresses three issues and determines whether each statement is true or fictional.

1. Texas A&M has done enough to lead CD’s hiring of Mitchell.

Mitchell of the CD

CD Mitchell (Rival.com)

Friedman’s adoption: Fiction. Georgia and Texas were the two leaders for Mitchell on the A&M CD before the official visit began, and Georgia pushed their official visit out of the park when he was in Athens a few weeks ago. Mitchell has left Georgia with Dougs on his appointment.

Texas A&M has done a really good job recruiting on the East Coast in recent years, and that hasn’t disappointed Mitchell either. Agis certainly helped themselves while at the college station but they don’t seem to have surpassed Georgia.

Mitchell still has tours of Miami, Texas and Auburn this month and no decision date has been set so it’s time for Texas A&M or one of these other schools to take action.

Password acceptance: Fiction. I am saying with a caution that the purpose of this trip was not intended to send Mitchell to the A&M camp. That’s great; But the goal here is to give her a lot to think about and make sure she gets back to college station – or two. This is what has happened to Antonio Johnson and Walter Nolan in recent years, and we have seen how it has worked for Agis.

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2. More New Jersey players should be in the opponent 250.

Hurry Bisontis

Chase Bisontis (Rival.com)

Friedman’s adoption: Fiction. I’m a big fan of Chase Bissantis and James Hard but at the moment they are the only two prospects from Garden State who should be in the rival 250’s. Could that change? Maybe.

Defensive tackle CD Mitchell has a chance to rise in the rankings this fall if he continues to develop physically and adds more momentum to his game. Aden Schuller and Jaden Bonsour feature 250 potential rivals but this is a particularly deep year on the national defensive backfield.

There are several three-stars in the rankings in this update that may continue to see their stock rise but will continue to be evaluated throughout the summer and upcoming seasons.

Acceptance of Schnyderite: FACT. The word on the street right now is that this is a low year for New Jersey in terms of high school football recruitment, but is it really so? At the moment, there are only two four-star and only two rivals have made the 250 rankings – OL Chase Bisontis and De James Hard. However, a few more people could be sued for making that list.

Hoon School offensive lineman Logan Howland has moved from a late bloomer or TE to OT this offseason, and NJ, OL looks just as good if not better than last year’s top prospect of Jacob Allen. Then you have Mitchell of the four-star DT CD, who continues to show some impressive speed for a valid 6-foot-6, 340 pounds. Not to mention the defensive back group in the state, Notre Dame is loaded with Commodore Adon Schuller, four-star Jaden Bonsu and Musa Kane, each of whom has excelled in every possible way on the field and you have seen that reflected in their recruitment. Last but not least, we haven’t reached South Jersey multi-position athlete Izani Shakir, who can do everything on either side of the ball. Regardless of what people are saying about this low year in New Jersey, I bet you can see at least a few more in the Rival 250 when the 2023 ranking class is all said and done.


3. North Carolina’s prospects are under-represented in the rival 250 ৷

Jamal Jarrett

Jamal Jarrett (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Friedman’s adoption: FACT. North Carolina is a huge producer of NFL talent and having just six players in the rival 250 is a little less, even for a low year in the state. Jamaal Jarrett is a new addition to the rival 250 and is now the top prospect in the state. He was joined by receivers Noah Rogers and Christian Hamilton, leaving behind Dylan Smuders and offensive linemen Sam Pendleton and Sullivan Abshar.

Out-of-250 players such as Kevin Concepcion, Rico Walker, Zebron Harvey and Devin Hobbs may increase their stock after the summer or after the upcoming season, but each is highly talented and likely to be a major contributor to the next level. There are a handful of other possibilities from North Carolina that could crash the rival 250K but these few have already created a pretty compelling case.

Receipt of gambling: FACT. The biggest difference between North Carolina and other states is that talent spreads across borders. As a result, it is a constant process of watching the players rise. However, only five players from the state were ranked in 2022, and only four in 2017. There were an average of nine chances between 2015-21, with a maximum of 13 in the 2016 class.

Hickory (NC) High Defensive & Rico Walker or Southern Durham (NC) High Age Rasha’s Zebron Harvey could have big seasons. Charlotte (NC) Providence Day athlete Chris Peel will be on a big stage this coming fall in a star-studded Chargers squad, and he had a great track season this spring.

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