Fact: Ryqueze McElderry will be decommissioned from Georgia

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Ryan Wright With National Recruitment Analyst Eric LamarsWarchant.com recruiting author Michael Langston And UGASports.com hiring author Blaine Gilmer Tackle three college football recruitment issues in the Southeast.

1. Auburn’s 2023 recruiting class will benefit from Nick Saban’s comments about the Texas A&M and NIL agreement.

Brian Harsin

Brian Harsin (USA Today Sports Image)

Acceptance of Wright: FACT. We may never know how much Nick SoapIts comments negatively affected the Alabama program, but as long as the hiring process was interrupted it was part of the hiring process, and it worked to Auburn’s advantage. The teams facing soap with the top players have always floated the theory of retirement and this will only continue for the 70-year-old head coach. Right or wrong, mix with the thought that a coach with a reported annual salary of $ 9.3 million is lamenting how players are paid, it will whisper in the ear for a 5G connection within the initial signing period.

Acceptance of Lamars: Fiction. I believe the arrow points to Auburn’s hiring in the summer, but I don’t believe Nick Saban.Jimbo Fisher Whether the Tigers’ efforts are successful in the end or not, Spat has something to do with it. Despite the soap’s comments being felt by the outside world, chances are, they won’t miss out on the opportunity to play for Alabama if they think it’s the best fit for them and help them reach their ultimate goal.

In my opinion, success for Brian Harsin And with this 2023 class his staff will come down to the field product this fall and that happiness follows or does not follow from Auburn Faithful. They must have enough jingles in their pockets to afford a multi-million dollar buy-out, so if they want to redistribute some of that funding to the NIL deal, they can.

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2. The slow spring in the state of Florida on the way to recruitment involved the loss of Kenny Dillingham, Oregon’s offensive coordinator.

Kenny Dillingham

Kenny Dillingham (USA Today Sports Image)

Wright’s acceptance. FACT. Four of Florida State’s six promises, with three offensive possibilities, at the time of their verbal promises. Kenny Dillingham Was on campus. Since his departure, only three-star receiver Darren Lawrence has joined the team. For the Seminoles, the players are interested in the pitch coming from the head coach Mike Norwell And the company, but it still hasn’t translated into rankings among the top employers. The Dillingham effect could wash away with a strong June as players begin their official visit. If June is not fruitful and goals begin to be committed, the process becomes more difficult by trying to flip players in December, especially if FSU does not show major changes from last year’s 5-7 campaign.

Langston’s adoption: Fiction. First, I don’t believe it’s a spring slow unless you’re talking about public commitment. But FSU has organized the most prospects I’ve seen in my 21-year following appointments. So finally the number of visits after spring is going to decrease. It is also going to be a very busy June this summer with visits, official visits and potential commitments. Sure Dillingham is a strong recruiter but also a new offensive coordinator Alex Atkins. I don’t think Dillingham was pulling the boys left and right, but he was doing well. The fact is, I think employers believe in the vision of Norwell and FSU. But at the same time the recruits want to see it on the field in the win. FSU will have to prove it on the field and win. That hasn’t changed.

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3. The three-star OL Ryqueze McElderry will be reversed from the Georgia Bulldogs.

Ryqueze McElderry

Ryqueze McElderry (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

Acceptance of Wright: Fiction. When one starts talking about exploring potential alternatives outside of a verbally committed state, there may be cause for concern. Especially in this case when the dominant offensive lineman looks to the team is an in-state SEC waste program. Ryqueze McElderry has official tour sets with Auburn, Tennessee and Georgia. All the arguments point to the Bulldogs keeping him, but something could happen on NIL’s day.

Gilmer’s adoption: Fiction. There was every opportunity to decommission from Georgia after McAldery’s departure Matt Luke He didn’t do it then, and from the program Stacey Cereals Now building a relationship with him. Yes, there are official visits lined up with other SEC programs, but there is one in Georgia as well. Bulldogs work just as well as any program in the country when it comes to campus recruitment. At this point, I don’t expect McElderry to back down from his commitment to UGA.

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