Fact or Fiction: TCU, Louisville is in the mix for Ruben Owens

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny And National Recruitment Analyst Nick Harris With Andrew Bones Of BamaInsider.com and Richard Snyderite Tackle three issues from TheKnightReport.com and determine if they believe each statement to be FACT or FICTION.

1. Rueben Owens is visiting TCU and Louisville instead of Georgia. These two programs will join the top group with Texas and Texas A&M after that trip.

Ruben Owens

Ruben Owens (Rival.com)

Gorni acceptance: FACT. Trips to Los Angeles or South Beach have been taken by employers over the last few years and we felt they were just taking them for free trips to the beach. I do not see the same situation here. I have no doubt Texas has the advantage in hiring Ruben Owens and Texas A&M and others are fighting but why go see TCU and Lewisville if there is no level of conspiracy there? I suspect he ended up with horned frogs or cardinals but the visits need to be considered important.

Acceptance of Harris: Fiction. Owens II is enjoying the recruitment process very much and these two visits are part of that enjoyment. Both Texas and Texas A&M were the mainstays here and I don’t see it changing before I make that decision, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up the ability to hire a TCU running back coach. Anthony Jones. A tough trip to Fort Worth can put horned frogs in it, but I don’t see that they have enough fire power to take the pole position out of that trip.


2. Nick Saban’s comments about the NIL and Saban’s harsh criticism of Zimbo Fisher will hurt Alabama’s recruitment efforts in this cycle.

Jimbo Fisher (left), Nick Soap (right)

Zimbo Fisher (left), Nick Saban (right) (USA Today Sports Image)

Gorni acceptance: Fiction. I have heard some incidental rumors that do not thrill with some possibilities Nick SoapIts message is that while it may interfere with some NIL deals, the elite people I spoke to didn’t really pay attention and really wanted to get behind the most soapy and ugly ones in between. Jimbo Fisher. To his credit, Soap went to numerous media outlets over the weekend to clarify the comments or republish what he meant. Although behind the scenes I’m sure the mood is still high, I don’t think it will have a big impact on recruitment. Alabama will still recruit at an elite level and find some of the best players in the class on the way to compete for the No. 1 recruiting class. Now the only difference is that Texas A&M may be on the same path as the Crimson Tide.

Bone marrow: Fiction. It started a slowdown with only three commitments for Alabama in 2023 class, but it was the same as the last two years. The Tide finished No. 1 in 2021 and No. 2 in 2022 The feud between Soap and Fisher was ugly, but it did not do much harm to the recruitment front. Alabama will still sign Alabama and an elite. Saban, along with many other coaches across the country, has expressed frustration with what is going on with NIL, especially in hiring high school players. We’ve seen Saban in the past share his negative thoughts about whether it’s a run-pass option or a transfer portal, but most see it as a warning to the seven-time national champion head coach. Soap is talking about NIL issues in May, not December. The current model is not sustainable. That will change, but Soap has also proven that it can adapt over time better than anyone. It may take a little longer to adjust than others, but once you hug, it’s hard to bet against soap and crimson tides.

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3. Chase Bissantis has dropped out of five schools. He will end up somewhere in the SEC.

Hurry Bisontis

Chase Bisontis (Rival.com)

Gorni acceptance: Fiction. There are things that fit Chase Bissantis’ personality and playing in the Big Ten – hard, nonsense, not saying much, like to impose his will physically – which makes me believe he will be at the conference. So far, the state of Michigan has done a great job hiring him. His relationship with the coach Mail money And offensive line coaches Chris Kapilovich Has been built and after he inspected the SEC program, Bisontis did not turn his head in his assignment. I still like the Spartans here though rejecting the SEC power is a difficult task.

Acceptance of Schnyderite: Fiction. I’ll go here with the fiction because there have been strong rumors over the months that Byzantines are leaning towards the state of Michigan. Now some thought the rumors would end after he travels to Georgia, LSU and Texas A&M on his South tour, all of which made his top list. But it still seems to be close to the mail money and crew, if not at the top. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as the Spartans have done quite well with New Jersey’s prospects under the money, recruiting Kevin Wiesenton and Zeno Vandemark as recruits and recently adding New Jersey native Jalen Berger through the portal.

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