Fact or fiction: Ohio State front runner for Jalen Thompson

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Clint Cosgrove With Jason Kilp Of SpartanMag.com, Jack Carpenter Inside Nebraska and John McNamara BadgerBlitz.com addresses three issues and determines whether each statement believes FACT or FICTION.


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1. Jalen Thompson’s recent Ohio State offer makes Buckeyes first-runner for his promise.

Jalen Thompson

Jalen Thompson (Rival.com)

Cosgrove reception: Fiction. While I believe the Ohio State offer gives Jalen Thompson a lot to think about in his appointment and dilutes his appointment, at the same time I think Buckeyes’ offer may be too late. I believe it will eventually be for the four-star defensive lineman from Ohio State Detroit Cass Tech (Mitch). But that’s the job of the Spartans Mail money And the staff hired Thompson will win in the end. He has been a priority for the state of Michigan since day one and his former high school head coach is also among the MSU staff.

Acceptance of Kilp: Fiction. Milligan State has been hiring Jalen Thompson since Mel Tucker and staff first took charge of Michigan State. The Ohio State offer is a big one for Thompson, but it seems the Spartans are still in a good position, especially with the former Cass Tech head coach. Thomas Wilcher On staff

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2. Nebraska will get at least four promises from the possibility of visiting this past weekend.

Omerion Miller

Omerion Miller (Sam Spiegelman)

Cosgrove reception: FACT. While Nebraska may not get the promise from its top four goals that officials took over the weekend, I believe visitors have a very good chance of getting at least four commitments from this group. With WR Jaidyn Doss and OL Brock Knutson already having two of their pledges, they will have to land two more from a large group of people who agreed to drop it from Nebraska Park. Omrion Miller looks like a Nebraska lean at the moment, and the Georgia recruiting team looks set to form at least one Huskies committee if not more. The biggest one for Nebraska is the local product Malachi Coleman. The Huskers would make a promise landing from him, the official tour weekend was an absolute success only for this reason.

Carpenter Acceptance: FACT. The Huskers on Monday landed a promise from the state offensive tackle Brock Knutson, and both Net Klaus And I’ve logged the FutureCast predictions for Nebraska’s four-star Louisiana receiver Omerion Miller. I really like where they stand at the back receiver Mickey JosephHe has earned her continued strength and respect. Malachi Coleman, Joshua Manning and Barry Jackson were all on campus for the officers. I also feel good about the Huskies’ position with Amir Herring this weekend, and they have made progress with Maverick Nunan, although it will be a battle.

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3. Wisconsin 2024 QB CJ Carr made a valid shot on landing on Thursday

CJ car

CJ Car (Rival.com)

Cosgrove reception: FACT. I’m not saying Wisconsin is the losing team for CJ Car Promise, but I do know that the Badgers are a legitimate competitor to land a high four-star QB from Michigan. Carr has been highly regarded with his recruitment method and I don’t think he would have wasted multiple trips to Madison if Wisconsin hadn’t been on it in the end. Carr has a Michigan legacy and plenty of reasons to stay at home and play for Wolverine, but for some reason Michigan didn’t seem to be his dream destination. I see it coming down to Wisconsin and Notre Dame until the Irish finally get a slight lead over the badgers heading towards Thursday.

Acceptance of McNamara: Fiction. CJ Carr is currently the only quarterback to offer Wisconsin 2024 class. The Badgers have hosted four-star prospects several times, most recently this spring in an unofficial way. But UW is a serious contender for Carr, who recently cut his list to six schools, a myth. The time of his upcoming promise seems to be in favor of Notre Dame, and the current Futurecast has opted for the country’s No. 3 pro-style quarterback. Wisconsin fans should be even more concerned about who ends up with the car badgers rather than who will be offered in Cuba.

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