Fact or Fiction: In Penn State, I should be confident about Snowden

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Clint Cosgrove And National Recruitment Analyst Eric Lamars With Tim O’Halloran Edgytim.com’s and Jack Libby TheMaizeAndBlueReview.com addresses three issues and determines whether they believe each statement to be true or fiction.

1. Illinois will sign multiple top-10 in-state prospects in 2023.

Cosgrove reception: FACT. Brett Billema Illinois has prioritized state recruitment and is definitely starting to pay off. While it may take a few years to see the true impact of the steps that Illini has taken within the state, there is little question that they are moving in the right direction to house the state’s top talent. Rival 250 athlete Caden Fagin has Illinois’ first top-10 in-state commitment since 2019. This means that the program only needs to keep one more top promise from the state to get multiple top-10 chances in 2023 class. The top 10 could probably change, so there’s some speculation at the moment, but I believe Illini Malik is playing for LG.

O’Halloran’s Eclipse: Fiction. Illinois and head coach Brett Bilema have certainly begun to build relationships across the state, and the program’s overall focus on recruitment in the state has been admirable. Illinois workers continue to grind and inroad large. A number of competitors in the current state of Illinois are drawing attention to the top 10 unexpected names and in some cases have offered to return to high school in their new year, which in some cases is a difficult hurdle for Illinois to overcome. Good news? I can see that Illinois now has a much better chance of landing a name other than four-star Caden Fagin a year or two ago. Names like four-star receiver owner LG and four-star offensive lineman Miles McVeigh and OL Paris Patterson seem to have Fighting Illini on their radar screens for the time being. Now, ask me this question a year ago about the in-state 2024 class, and I can see that Fighting Illinois has a much better shot at what is becoming a very strong overall talent-oriented so far.

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2. Penn State rival 250db I should feel confident about Snowden’s landing.

I love Snowden

Snowden to me (Jack Carpenter)

Cosgrove reception: Fiction. I feel like Penn State has a shot at me like any other program in Snowden’s top six, but I only felt “confident” in my appointment days when I often knew someone would be hired. So here’s the fiction guy. While Penn State should feel fairly good about their prospects, especially Snowden, who has been drawn to Detroit connections, there are many more teams in the top six that have similar things to do.

The “sauce” that Snowden told me when I asked why Cincinnati took its top six spot. People in Michigan remember Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner dropping out of high school, and many in the area saw greatness in him at the time. His success in Cincinnati is a source of pride that many Michigan employers want to emulate. Kentucky has also done a great job hiring Snowden and there are a lot of players associated with Detroit. Snowden has also contacted defense coordinators in Wisconsin and Iowa. Soden’s father trained Howard’s recruiting coach in high school and they have a great relationship. The wild card here is baseball and it is something that will be in favor of Penn State. Snowden probably played both games in college that would automatically remove Wisconsin and Howard.

Acceptance of Lamars: FACT. I’m not sure if there is any clear leader for Snowden in Snowden’s recent top six by any means, but when Snowden waved a pair of white pen state gloves Rival Camp Series At Indianapolis, the Nitani Lions made this cut was the least expected. Going forward they must feel confident about their chances with a rival 250 defensive backs but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a fight. For Penn State staff, there are a few things to use as Snowden’s recruitment progresses, and it starts with hammering the relationship between Snowden and the co-defense coordinator. Anthony Pointexter.

When I visited Happy Valley in March, he was basically tied to the buttocks of “Coach Dex” and left that tour with high praise for not only the coaching staff, but the entire Penn State. Callen and Kobe are a trio of King’s current Nitani Lions, and Detroit’s Jillian Reid, which Snowden specifically mentioned in her recent top six, and there’s reason to believe that Snowden could feel very comfortable choosing Penn State. It’s not a slam dunk, but at least the staff should feel that it has enough in its tool bag to be a serious competitor in the end.

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3. Dante Moore’s recent official visit to Michigan is moving the needle for the Wolverines.

Dante Moore

Dante Moore (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Cosgrove reception: Fiction. I believe Michigan will stay in it until the end and can even sign Dante Moore. At the same time, I don’t think a single visit can confirm or overcome whether Michigan is school for him or not, especially when he has spent a lot of time around it. Moore knows the dynamics of college football coaching and his decision seems to be based on a program level. The Michigan program is something that Moore knows all about right now. I see these visits as an exploration of nature, a time to see if Michigan feels like home, and an opportunity to make sure he hasn’t missed something that could be important to his final decision. While the opportunities in Michigan should be preferred, the runs of Texas A&M, LSU and Notre Dame leave a lot in the air at the moment.

Libby acceptance: FACT. Moore has been to An Arbor many times before and it is difficult for him to count the number of trips he has made since middle school. At the moment, he has seen everything Michigan has to offer him from the state and by joining the program that was offered to him when he was a seventh grader. The biggest reason for this tour was to be by the side of Moore’s quarterback coach Matt Weiss The whole time while on campus. Weiss, in the past, lacked a deep connection to Moore with the Five-Star. Ron Bellamy And Steve Clinkscale. I think for Weiss, getting Moore’s buttocks right and extending a more personal side to him has been helpful in helping Michigan remain a top contender. Michigan wasn’t going to back down before, but such a visit last weekend could push the Wolverines away from Notre Dame, LSU, Oregon and Texas A&M, who are firing hard for the Detroit (Mitch) King Superstar. Michigan will always have the idea that it must have removed the needle with Moore’s appointment “Day 1s” and a further bond with Weiss with spring nearing its end.

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