Fact: Micah Hudson is No. 1 WR in 2024 class

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Nick Harris, Cole Patterson Of Orangebloods.com, Josh McQueen Of SoonerScoop.com and Paul Strello TigerIllustrated.com addresses three issues and determines whether they believe each statement to be true or fiction.


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1. Micah Hudson is No. 1 WR in 2024 class.

Micah Hudson

Micah Hudson (Rivals.com)

Harris’s take: Fiction. Although Micah Hudson has the highest scorer of any receiver in the 2024 class, Ryan Wingo has consistently made strong statements to keep his name at the top of the summer. Wingo’s verified speed (10.55 100m time) from this spring onwards gives him more context associated with his big sophomore season and that context has proven to be elite. Hudson will have his chances this season, though, when Lake Belton officially joins the UIL, Texas NCAA High School Edition, to compete against tough competition. I see Hudson entering the season with ease as the top 10 prospect in the country and the No. 2 receiver in the country.

Patterson’s acceptance: FACT. Hudson will have a compelling argument for being the top wide receiver in Texas for the 2023 class. He is an electrical receiver that runs the polished route and is absolutely dangerous after being caught. Hudson has a well-organized game that indicates that he has a huge impact as he sets foot on the college campus. The potential five-star is set to make his first tour of Texas this weekend, potentially allowing the Longhorns to make a big impression early in the summer.


2. After a big official visit weekend, Clemson led for Harris Sewell.

Harris Sewell

Harris Sewell (Rival.com)

Harris’s acceptance: True. With Texas A&M waiting for an official tour this coming weekend, Clemson has already made a huge impact by hosting four-star offensive lineman Harris Sewell this past weekend. Associated with West Texas Browser Dabo Suini And Clemson’s culture, much like that of fellow Texan offensive lineman Ian Reid, who was committed to the Tigers and canceled his remaining official tour after his official tour this weekend. The Aggies will have their shots, but Clemson holds the edge going over the weekend.

Strelow’s acceptance: FACT. Sewell is in the books to start an official visit to Texas A&M this weekend, and if you’re still looking elsewhere, you’re in for a treat. But Clemson’s culture has resonated, with his official tour being his fourth on campus in a year. Proximity can help Agis, and if she chooses Texas A&M, it won’t be for trigger reasons. Jimbo FisherIts defensive side. Yet with the Tigers landing a fellow Lone Star State lineman in Reed this past week, it makes it easier for Seville to look beyond the distance and do his proper job of pulling the trigger for Clemson.

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3. Oklahoma lead for four-star wide receiver Cole Adams despite being offered late in the game.

Cole Adams

Cole Adams (Rival.com)

Harris’s acceptance: True. Although it took Oklahoma a few years to develop an offer for one of his top internal talents, Cole Adams is still going through his due diligence and seems to have seen the past of Suners’ mistakes. Alabama is still heavily in the mix, but a chance before Norman takes the field could help the Goldsmiths overcome the deficit.

Acceptance of McCuistion: FACT. Honestly, a few weeks ago I would have answered it differently because The Suners was behind some other elite program, especially Alabama. I think it could be sued that they are still there, but it is quite clear that he is going to give the goldsmiths a long look and he has given them the benefit of the doubt to be behind others in their proposal. I think I would say I don’t know if I believe they are leading at the moment, but I think he will give them every chance to change it.

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