Fact: Jonel Aguero should be in the top five security guards in 2023

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Adam Friedman And the Director of National Recruitment Adam GornyWith Tyler James Of InsideNDSports.com and Jesse Gembel At TheWolfpackCentral.com, address three issues and determine if they believe each statement to be FACT or FICTION.


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1. Jonel Aguero should be the top five safety in this category.

Friedman’s acceptance: True. Aguero is currently ranked as an athlete but that will change in the next ranking update when he is transferred safely. There will be some debate about where he should slot in this group but the picture is getting clearer after getting some verified measurements at the Philadelphia rival camp. Aguero has become slim in the last few months and looks like the physical security we had hoped for. He may be an influential figure in the middle of the field but he has shown range and anticipation skills to be great in coverage. If there was a ranking meeting tomorrow, I would have pressured Aguero to move down to No. 4 in terms of security.

Gorney’s acceptance: FACT. Aguero did not work at the rival camp in Philadelphia because he suffered an injury but there are some players in this class who are physically impressive and who watch the part. The Danvers (Mass.) St. John Prep Prospect has no elite length but he is a physical heater who can come down and separate the ball from the receiver, he can spin and run and he is a formidable competitor who reminds me of some of that LSU safety of the past. If the rankings depended entirely on me, I would have left Aguero behind Tennessee Commit Sylvester Smith, placing him as the fourth-best safety nationally and close to 70th in the 250.


2. Notre Dame DL Commit Boubacar Traore will be a top 200 prospect.

Boubacar Traore

Click Download to save Boubacar Traore – Competitor mp3 youtube com

Friedman’s acceptance: True. During a series of school visits to New England last week, I saw Trore at work and he no longer looks like a weak defensive end. The next ranking update will take him to the strong defensive end. At No. 222 in the Rival 250, Trower will be the No. 22 strong defensive end if all remains the same. This is far less than the combination or size, strength, speed and strategy I saw last week. While nothing is certain yet, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Traver near No. 150 in the next Rival 250 update.

Acceptance of James: FACT. Travar is not likely to be in the top 200 if he is projected from the weak side as a defensive end, as he is not an explosive passer at the end. But in Notre Dame, the position in which Trevor plays is less likely to happen. He is more likely to have a strong defensive edge or even a defensive tackle in the long run. Travor makes good use of his length and plays with good leverage. As a college player he should make the most of these strengths as he continues to grow. Its versatility should be evaluated as a top 200 possibility.

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3. NC State will land four-star DB Jack Myers.

Jack Myers

Jack Myers (Rival.com)

Friedman’s acceptance: FICTION. Myers is an outstanding prospect, but he has not received the attention from college coaches that other four-star prospects have in the 2023 class. It could be because he was reclassified from 2024 to 2023 earlier this year, but it doesn’t matter after he finishes his camp and tour schedule the following month. NC State and Tennessee are ahead for Myers, but Clemson, Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and a few others will see him when he travels in the next two months. If he were committed today, NC State would probably get Myers, but Tennessee could give him a big push or things could really click with another school in the busy months ahead of him.

Gamble’s Acceptance: FACT. NC State is currently leading Tennessee for Myers, based on repeated unofficial tours and has an official tour with Wolfpack so far June 16-18. Myers was in 2024 class and then back to her original class in 2023, so she didn’t get as much attention as some of her peers. He is four hours from Raleigh and two hours from Charlotte, where the media hub. Myers is a versatile defensive back who wants to compete on track and field in college. He won the high jump (6 feet, 6 inches) and finished fifth in the 300 hardless at the NCISAA Division I State Meet on Saturday Raleigh. He made it clear after the meeting that he appreciated the NCSU safety coach Joe Deferrest.

The big question remains: will other colleges join the states of Tennessee and NC for its services? He wants to visit Clemson on June 1 and Alabama on June 4-5, where he will camp to receive a scholarship offer. Oregon, Notre Dame and Oklahoma are also in line for an informal tour. He will then find out clearly where he stands in the picking order of these different schools.

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