Fact: Darion Gulett’s reason for the big jump in rankings

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Nick Harris Along With the National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny, Kyle Kelly From InsideNDSports.com and Cole Patterson From Orangebloods.com – Deal with the issues of hiring three college footballs across the Midwest and determine if they are true or fictional to each statement.


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1. Darion Gulet will be one of the biggest ranking risers this summer.

Darion Gulet

Darion Gulet (Nick Harris)

Harris’s acceptance: True. Darion Gulett’s current ranking as the No. 94 recruiter in the state of Texas could be one of the country’s more undervalued rankings, as he has shown positional versatility, insane production and possesses a college-ready skill set and frame. Gulet is being recruited by some big programs not only in this region, but across the country, including Texas, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Alabama and many more. His position in the state of Texas should be in the top 20.

Gorney’s acceptance: FACT. Seeing Gulett in person was just as important to us as it was to the college coaches who offered her because she is a great looking kid who can move and she is also very physical. Dramatically taking him to the top of the rankings makes perfect sense because he can be one of the best linebackers in the class. I think moving from Alabama to Texas has reduced his recruitment a bit, but it’s over.


2. Notre Dame will sign four prospects from the state of Texas in the 2023 cycle

Payton Bowen

Payton Bowen (Rival.com)

Harris’s take: Fiction. While I think it would be possible for Notre Dame to sign four Texas prospects in this cycle, I don’t think it will happen. The Irish have a lot left in the mix of Micah Bell and Jaden Greathouse and they have committed to Braille James and Payton Boyne. But if I had to pick a scenario, I’d say Bowen is going somewhere else. Texas A&M and Oklahoma have made an impression and could visit this summer. Greathouse also as an interesting appointment Marcus Freeman Will fight Texas, a program Greathouse has seen more than any other recruit.

Kelly’s Reception: FICTION. The signing of four prospects from Texas could be the ceiling for the Irish at this point. Lone Star State has expressed interest in moving to other schools despite their two commitments – Boyne and James – to Notre Dame. Meanwhile, ND is only in good places with Bell and Greathouse. While both players seem to be leaning towards ND, achieving their commitment will not be an easy task. With that, Notre Dame has great shots on all four landings, but it’s a long way from now until National Signature Day.

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3. The out-of-state program that will be the most successful in Texas in 2023 will be LSU or Alabama.

Nick Soap

Nick Soap

Harris’s acceptance: True. Although this answer may change in the next week, I can now see that Alabama or LSU will have the most success in Texas in this cycle. Crimson Tide Lone has made a living by recruiting recruits from Star State Nick Soap ‘Dynasty rule, and a generation of Louisiana displacement in Texas, has created a massive momentum for LSU. I can see that this will continue in 2023 as the Tigers continue to follow TJ Shanahan, Bravian Rogers, Jalen Hale and many more, while Ryan Yates was committed. I see similar success in Alabama, but I look closely at Oregon and Oklahoma. The Ducks have been on the hunt for DJ Hicks, Javin Toviano, Tyler Turner and more, while Oklahoma has already taken on Jackson Arnold and is in good standing with DJ Hicks, Anthony Hill, Jacques Petaway and many more.

Patterson’s acceptance: FACT. It’s hard for me to bet against Alabama and LSU, which have had the most success in Lone Star State, when it comes to out-of-state programs. Both have always been key players in Texas, and this year’s cycle is no different. Alabama is in a race to acquire talent such as owner Muhammad, Anthony Hill, Jalen Hale and Jaden Chatman, where LSU is already committed to Denton Gair (Texas) DB Ryan Yates and has gone to land in Shanahan, Toviano, Jillian Braxton and Hicks. . I think Alabama is in a position to land some of the best in the state, adding more fuel to it Nick SoapJimbo Fisher Rivalry Oregon is a big wild card to keep a close eye on, though ducks are a serious factor for elite talents like Hicks, Toviano and Janet Cook.

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