Fact: CJ Car fades with Irish Dante Moore after Promise

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny And National Recruitment Analyst Ryan Wright With Andrew Bones Of BamaInsider.com and Kyle Kelly InsideNDSports.com addresses three issues and determines whether each statement believes FACT or FICTION.

1. There is a very real possibility of committing to Arch Manning Alabama with Eli Holstein in class.

Arch Manning

Arch Manning

Gorney’s acceptance: Fiction. Anything could happen and I guess Arch Manning could join the class and put Eli Holstein to the test that he would have to stay and fight for a starting job or find another home but I don’t think the chances are good. I don’t think Alabama thinks the possibilities are all good, and that’s why Crimson Tide accepted Holstein’s promise instead of waiting to see what Manning did before taking QB in this class. It looked like the Texas / Georgia war for a while, and it was probably the trend even before Holstein promised it. Alabama is the King Kong of college football, though, so Manning might fall head over heels and then things might get really interesting, but it’s far from a very real possibility.

Acceptance of bone: True. I don’t necessarily expect it to happen, but it can happen. Manning will not be visiting Alabama this weekend if there is zero interest. Alabama hopes it can sell Manning to join the class with Holstein, but it’s obviously a daunting challenge. The race is wide open after Bryce Young leaves for the NFL. There is no guaranteed starter. Young, high-ranking quarterbacks at every school on Manning’s list of favorites are scratching to get started for their prestigious university. Only one player can start in the position. I don’t predict Manning to Alabama (at least not now). He’s visiting so there’s still interest and something that remains a possibility for Crimson Tide (even if it’s a long shot).

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2. Notre Dame is in worse shape with Dante Moore after taking the promise of a CJ car.

Dante Moore

Dante Moore

Gorney’s acceptance: True. After talking to him at this weekend’s overtime event in Las Vegas I can better understand Dante Moore’s situation but I can’t see how it helps. I don’t think Moore is afraid of any competition and especially shouldn’t since he would start a jump on a CJ car by a full recruiting class – unless the car re-classifies and then it becomes a real problem. If that’s the case, Moore will look elsewhere and LSU is showing a lot of interest, a tour is coming to Texas A&M and now Michigan has suddenly re-emerged as a serious competitor, I can’t see how it makes things harder for Notre Dame.

Kelly’s adoption: Fiction. Although Notre Dame landed CJ Carr one of the 2024 class qualifiers, I’m not prepared to say that it had a major impact on Moore’s hiring. Carr and Moore play their high school ball less than 50 miles apart and play the same 7-on-7 team. As a result, they have a pre-existing relationship that could work for ND. Most marquee programs will have a high-profile quarterback before or after Moore, and Notre Dame is no different from those teams. I’m not saying that Notre Dame is in better condition for Moore following Car’s promise, but I’m not prepared to say at this point that they are in worse shape.

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3. If there is another five-star in the state of Florida, it will be another receiver.

Jalen Brown

Jalen Brown (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Gorni’s acceptance: FACT. The state of Florida already has three wide receivers who are suing five stars for Colonel Tate, Brandon Inis and Haikim Williams but Jalen Brown is suing for the fourth. Francis Mauigoa and owner Bryant will be running, but the Miami Gulliver prep standout at the overtime event in Las Vegas has been impressive, and the body size is a concern, his explosive and playmaking ability was really impressive. If another state of Florida has the opportunity, he could be.

Acceptance of Wright: Fiction. Florida’s two talents are at the top of the five-star lineup between linebacker Bryant and offensive tackle Francis Mauigoa. Bryant is back in the Orlando Jones and out of the IMG Academy crowd spotlight. Teams could run away from Bryant this fall, but his senior year will have a better chance of filling out the status sheet and shining like himself. Back at IMG, Mauigoa remains and will be anchored on the offensive line of the Ascenders. Mauigo has all the ambiguity of size, strength and a five-star. If he tightens some tactics and dominates the IMG’s tough fall schedule, I hope to see five stars next to his name.

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