Details of rival 100 OL Madden Sankar Michigan State official

The success of the state of Michigan has got it on the radar of Madden Sankar.

The Spartans went from 2-5 in 2020 to 11-2 in 2021 This drastic change has made Michigan State and head coach Mel Tucker one of the best schools in Sankar.

The Spartans got their first crack when hosting Sankar for an official tour last weekend at East Lansing. Rivals catch up with Sankar to go deeper into the experience.

To get to the OV, he wanted to answer a question: “We went there before, got a lot of staff answers. This time, we were looking for input from a lot of players and things like life after football and what happens if you get injured and all those things. They were able to answer all these questions.”

What players did he spend time with and what was their message?: Zeno (Vandemark, Offensive Lineman), a kid named Ethan (Boyd, Offensive Lineman) and another guy named Brandon (Baldwin, Offensive Lineman). First, they talked about how much they love Coach Cap (Chris Kapilovich, Offensive line coach / run game coordinator). They talked about how he was the best coach in college football and the main reason for coming to that school. Then they were talking about all the things they do on campus and how it is a really busy place and how you will never find anything to do, so it was good. They were all talking about the afterlife of football, the degrees they let you get and things like that. ”

While experiencing a Big 10 football-type environment on campus: “Oh of course. You can say they want to put a football around your neck and I like that.”

On Kapilovich: “He’s a really good guy. You can tell he loves football and he likes coaching it. I think he’s one of the best college football offensive line coaches in the business right now. You can tell he knows how to recruit boys. He’s looking right now. You can also tell how he knows how to evolve. He can take three and zero star boys and turn them into NFL products. ”

What makes Kapilovich a great coach: “He’s got really good energy. He can carry on for a long time. He’s a great teacher. He and I have seen some movies. He’s just opened my eyes to a whole bunch of new things, new techniques and things like that.”

Mail on money: “We’ve talked a lot. He’s a really good coach. You can tell he’s a winner, so he’s going to win. You’re not going to go into the program and there’s only going to be a four-win team. He’s going to build. Make sure you win twice. Got, competing for that Big Ten championship year after year. I like it about him. I know he’ll win and that program is in the running for a national championship. ”

Michigan State is selling that it is a growing program: “Yeah, they definitely showed a lot. They’ve shown a lot of them since last season. They went from two teams to a double-digit winning team in the Covid year. I think they’ve got 11 wins and they’ve won the bowling game. What has Tak done since he got there? ”

About the most fun or unique things to visit: “Probably going to Coach Tuck’s house. He has a great house. He has a pool table, a golf simulator, a huge house, a basketball court in his house. It was probably one of our greatest things.”

Coming next: Over the next three weekends Sankar will be seen making official visits to Arkansas, Louisville and Miami.

It’s too early to call the favorites for Sankar’s appointment. All four schools that received official inspections have a quality shot at the landing of 100 competing competitors. Georgia is still heavily involved, although it could be an informal visit to Athens due to its proximity to campus. Sankar hopes for a promise before the season, but this fight could very well extend into the fall.

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