Commitment Breakdown: Four-Star 2023 CB Avieon Terrell to Clemson

When Georgia cornerback Avon Terrell verbally pledged on Monday, Clemson added another big part to their 2023 recruitment puzzle. The addition of a Westlake four-star defender is the fifth overall verbal promise for the Tigers and the fifth four-star.

What is Clemson getting?

Terrell needs to be mentioned when people talk about Lockdown Corner in this class. Getting an updated look at his skills Rival Camp Series In Atlanta, Terrell is a player who can contribute to the corner or nickel early for Clemson, and once he’s on the field, don’t expect him to come to the next level.

What makes Terrell different

The big divider for Terrell in his peer group is the recognition of his root tree. He never feels confused or behind the drama, but is always ready to jump in front of it and on a route. Her headaches, mixed with great technique, hips and speed, are part of the elements that make her such a high place and alluring in college programs.

Why it is bigger than a tiger

Clemson notoriously slows down the recruitment process with handing out offers and completing a class. With the transfer to the college level through the transfer portal, having a better idea of ​​how a class will be formed earlier helps for a roster and long term vision of roster management. With this change, high school players are already claiming with their dream schools. Not to mention what Terrell has brought to a college roster, Clemson being a great one, and more importantly, Terrell will now join the class so he can help the Tigers recruit coaching staff and try to land other players. His power.

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