Coach Corner Podcast: Interview with Vikings Assistant WR Coach

Coaches Corner Podcast, starring Clint Cosgrove And Eric LamarsBack with an interview with Tony SorrentinoAssistant Wide Receiver Coach for the NFL Minnesota Vikings.

Below is the time stamp for the interview.

Open: The role of Tony Sorrentino assistant wide receiver coach for the Minnesota Vikings. Vikings Bio | Northern Illinois Bio

2:35: Sorrentino gives his coaching background and the way he is today from the beginning of his career.

6:25: While at FAU, Lane Kiffin He is told that he is taking Sorrentino from crime to the role of director of football operations.

10:20: Sorrentino on staff who were allowed to go year after year. Discuss whether he ever gets upset or thinks about quitting the job.

12:30: While coaching for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sorrentino meets his wife and is about to start a family.

19:05: The difference between coaching vs. hiring in the NFL is coaching in college, where it’s all football.

28:00: Sorrentino’s mentality and attitude towards business when Kiffin told him that he was going to be the director of football operations.

33:15: They have not always resonated with the way things were done. “Train it, test it, believe it.”

36:50: Talking to the transfer portal and NIL for a while and various issues surrounding him.

45:50: More about the difference between coaching at the college level versus the NFL level.

53:00: Conversion from coaching in North Illinois to NFL. Is it scary and how do you get players to buy into you?

57:00: The thought of separation and knowledge Sorrentino can provide to those who want to enter the business. He has been through almost everything.


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