Case Making: Will it be Alabama or Iowa for Cadin Proctor?

Five-star offensive tackle Cadin Proctor unveiled his official tour schedule in late May, with trips to Arkansas State, Alabama, Michigan, Oregon and Penn State.

It was a curious party – not especially with Iowa – but Pleasant Hill (Iowa) Southeast Polk Standout planned to go ahead with those trips.

It was not until Friday night when Proctor, some say, came to his senses.

The five stars will now focus only on Alabama and Iowa in terms of their recruitment. He has appeared both times, both programs creating offensive tackles on an impressive clip, and after feeding with some other programs, Proctor descends to two serious finalists.

For Alabama, Proctor has traveled there, he has loved it, and when the Crimson Tide coaching staff gives you a huge priority, they really leave it at the altar.

For Iowa, his former Southeast Polk teammate, five-star safety Javier Nawankpa, committed to the Hawks’ final recruitment cycle, Iowa has hired Proctor over the years and it’s the state program that regularly develops players on the offensive line.

In today’s Making the Case, experts in the vicinity of the rival network argued for a particular school and the then-National Recruiting Director. Adam Gorny Wherever he sees Proctor finish, he issues his verdict.

“Proctor Crimson is coming to his official tour at a very emotional height after his unprecedented tour with Tide. The hardest hurdle has always been home-state school but Alabama has always believed it was always running. Alabama’s development of offensive tackle, the need for players in its position, and the championship culture are some of the main reasons for staying in the final two. Iowa Visit Looms. First year offensive line coach Eric Wolford Hope to make a comprehensive impression Nick Soap. It is not much larger than Proctor. Alabama has a very strong chance of signing a five-star lineman. ” – Sister Andrew,

“There is a strong urge to be close to home and a very good friend of Javier Nawankpar who has been on the Iowa campus since January and has been working hard for him. Iowa also has a tradition of putting boys in the league to play offensive tackles, and Tristan Warfs is one of the boys he sees. This is a huge selling point for him against the backdrop of competing against Alabama for his promise. “- Tom Cockart,

“Choosing against Alabama is sometimes silly but there are a lot of built-in benefits so I’m going with Iowa for Proctor. He’s an in-state prospect who’s comfortable in Iowa City. The comparison of Wirf’s success is an interesting one.

“I really like that Proctor has settled with the top two in Alabama and Iowa because it shows a level of seriousness in his appointment that he lacked very openly when naming his official visit and we all knew he was unlikely to go anywhere. Among those schools. The Five-Star focuses on two real competitors, and although it can still go either way, I think the tension of being close to home, playing with Nawankpar, being developed by some outstanding coaches, and much more is in Iowa with little edge. ” – Adam Gorny, National Recruiting Director

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