Breaking Promises: Jalon Kilgore has chosen South Carolina

Jalon Kilgore feels at home whenever he goes to Colombia, South Carolina.

Eatonton, Ga. From the three-star defensive back, now Gamecocks has visited four times. His most recent visit came on his official visit over the weekend of June 10th.

That visit sealed the deal for Kilgore, a new member Shane BeamerIts 2023 class.

“Every time I go back, I have the same feeling where I think this is the best place I think I can carry a torch,” Kilgore said. “It’s the best place for me and my family.”

Kilgore credited South Carolina for getting his appointment “popping” earlier this year. Gamecox offered to return him on 22 January.

Since then insurance and defensive back coach Torian Gray Kilgore is one of their top priorities.

“They were the first big schools that actually believed in me and put their trust in me,” Kilgore said. “The truth is they stuck with it through the whole process – they not only offered, they actually tolerated me and believed in my talent and kept in touch to make sure I was one of their top people. Lots.”

Gray has been the main point of contact for Kilgore. The new Gamecock Committee has seen how Gray works with his players on the field and in the meeting room.

“He’ll break them down to build,” Kilgore said. “If you make a mistake he will communicate with you, he will build you up and give you confidence on the field. I just saw what kind of coach he was, because I grew up with coaches who were the same. I know I will do it again in my life. You see, I know this will make me a better player. “

Kilgore’s speed, size, and versatility differ from those of Gray. The coach told Kilgore that when he arrived in Colombia he would see him in safety, in the corner or in the nickel.

Gray and Derrick Moore, The executive director of the program’s character and player development, spoke with Kilgore during his official visit. But during Kilgore’s conversation with Beamer, Clincher came for Gamecox.

“He was just saying that he loves the way I play,” Kilgore said. “He probably loves my family more than I do. He was just saying that I can be a really big asset to this team. Through the acquisition of players like me and other protectors and other linebackers, that we can really be top. Defense at the SEC.”

Beamer’s strength and enthusiasm for the program set him apart from other coaches in Kilgore.

“He’s very impressed with the habits I went into,” Kilgore said. “He’s in practice, he’s joining the boys. He’s not just stuck or feeling like he’s better than anyone. What he does is for other people. He is not a selfish person. He looks at everyone, sees if everyone is OK before he makes sure (he) is OK. “

Current players such as Marshan Lloyd and Emery Floyd hosted Kilgore on his official tour. The duo and staff treated Kilgore as if he was already wearing garnet and black. Among other things, they went to Beamer’s house for steak, crab legs and shrimp dinner.

After that weekend, Kilgore knew he wanted Colombia to stay home. He confronted Beamer and Greece on June 12 to report them.

“They were really excited,” Kilgore said. “They were fired for it.”

Kilgore plans to enroll in South Carolina in January. When he does, he’s joining a class that has already created a lot of momentum this summer.

“Only school and instructor insurance is creating a larger and more developed community,” Kilgore said. “As new recruits arrive and are committed, I believe South Carolina could be at the top in the next few years.”

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