Breaking Promises: 2023 Rival 100 SDE Victory Clemson from Barley

The Clemson Tigers are on fire in June, landing eight of their 11 commitments for the 2023 class. Their latest promise outside of Georgia on the strong defensive end is a huge win for the Victor Barley coaching staff.

What is Clemson getting?

The Tigers are getting a versatile part on their defensive front in Barley. Working on the 5A Georgia team for Warner Robbins, a really strong edge in the 3-4 rows of the Barley Demons. Barley interrupts working pockets at quarterback and is accustomed to hitting tackles from the edge.

What sets Barley apart

Barley’s physique makes him ready for college. Listed at 6-feet, 4-inches, 275 pounds, the Tigers have added a defensive part that could contribute early with the chance to be a starter for three to four years. His skills and ease of working between guards and tackles give him an experience that most high school end players can’t play.

Adding to its size and strength, Barley uses a variety of downward steps to get to the quarterback, and when he gets there, he brings pain. His skill against the run helped him make 54 tackles, including 14 tackles for his junior season.

Why it is big for tigers

Needless to say, the 10-win season is a down season for any program or coach, but Dabo Sweeney has set the bar so high. While his ACC enemies are smelling blood in the water, he is reloading with a fantastic 2023 recruiting class so far.

Former defensive coordinator Brent Venebals, now Oklahoma’s head coach, talks to Clemson about what is happening in a four-star defender like Barley, telling fans that victory will come.

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