2024 Probability Mike Matthews has updated the recruitment after the huge spring

The prospect of this spring 2024 was very kind to Mike Matthews.

The Georgia Parkview High School product added offers from some of the nation’s top programs this spring. Georgia, Texas A&M, Michigan, Oklahoma, USC, Auburn and Ohio State have all offered Matthews in recent months. Some schools see him as the receiver, others see him as the defensive back of the future.

Competitors contacted Matthews to get the latest information on his appointment after his busy spring.

Which schools stand out the most at the moment: “Oklahoma, Ohio State, Georgia, Auburn, Clemson, although I have not yet received offers, such schools and Notre Dame.”

On the basis of which the schools are employing him in security against the receiver: “They’re almost all. But some schools like Georgia, Michigan and Notre Dame, they don’t really care where I come from, they just want me there.”

The school has a tradition of sending defensive backs to Ohio State and the NFL: “It’s crazy, how I like it. They want me for safety too. It’s really different. That’s where I can make money, really.”

In Oklahoma: “They also see me as security. I like it, I like how it’s going.”

Texas A&M: “They want to give me security. Just another school, high level, good culture and environment, that kind of thing.”

Notre Dame: “I like them too. They could probably be my first big offer. I really like that they believed in me from the beginning. We’ve been building a relationship and things like that.”

What does that long-term relationship mean?: “It really means a lot. For them, as I said, they were my first. It just shows how much they trusted me and how they believed in my power. It’s like a person you have one day.”

On Georgia: “I like how they are in general. I went on an informal tour in March. It really made me feel like I was home. I like how Coach Kirby conducts (smart) exercises and that’s how it is.”

Matthews has not yet made any summer visits. These trips will give a better indication to the favorites in his appointment. Notre Dame is a school worth visiting. Fighting Irish hosts him on campus in November and offers him in March. This kind of lasting relationship is important to Matthews because he considers his options.

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